The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Man and Van

Have you decided on moving to a new home? If so, then you’d be glad to know that you don’t have to do every aspect of your move without any help! You may always enlist the help of a man with a van, as their services are sure to make your whole moving experience much easier! 

WhatStorage can provide you with options for local man and van services which will meet your budget, schedule and requirements, wherever you may be among the many cities and towns we serve. Moreover, we encourage our partners to provide you with competitive pricing, which means you will get a choice of quality, cost-effective movers! 

What is a Man and Van?

man and van service

A Man and Van service, by its very definition, involves a man and, you guessed it, his van! Their purpose? To move or transport items from one point to another. 

Most man and van services are made up of one or two people in a single van, typically offering local delivery and transportation services. It’s not much different from a removals company or a large moving company, however, a man with a van is more amenable to smaller moving projects. They, of course, can also help with 

A Man with a Van can help with the following:

Home or Office Removals 

office removals

Are you moving houses or offices? A man and van company can help you haul and transport your belongings for you. All you have to do is get everything ready to go, and they’ll handle the rest.

Single Item Collection and Delivery

furniture delivery

If you’ve purchased or sold a piece of furniture, appliance or equipment, you may avail man and van services to handle the collection and delivery of your goods. 

Parcel Deliveries

parcel delivery
If you have some packages or parcels that you want to be delivered, you may also employ the help of a man with a van!

Self Storage Move-ins

decluttering home

Looking to move some clutter over to a self storage unit, but have no way of getting your stuff there? A man and van can definitely help you out! They’ll help you load your stuff into their van and surely help you carry everything into your storage unit. 

How Are Man and Van Costs Computed?

There are many factors that go into the computation of man and van costs. Here are the most common ones that typically affect man and van prices:

  • Rates per hour
  • Amount of items
  • Kind of vehicle used
  • Distance of journey
  • Additional services like packing/unpacking
  • Parking and toll prices

Things To Consider When Hiring Professional Movers

Of course, when you are looking to hire a man and van, it is important that you approach things systematically rather than settling for the first one you see. Here are some times you may want to keep in mind while choosing the man and van you will want to hire:

     1. Find out as much as you can about your moving company

Because these man and van companies will potentially be handling your most valuable and precious belongings, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know them a bit. Perform some due diligence on your prospective companies. 

You may do this by checking out the company’s reviews online or even ask the company itself for customer references, as well as some information on their equipment, experience and credentials. 

     2. Ask about their insurance coverage 

Most man and van companies provide insurance coverage for the items they will be carrying and transporting for you. Be sure to check all the provisions as well as the fine print before settling.                                                                                                                                                                                        

     3. Don’t be afraid to discuss your requirements in detail with your moving company

A move is only ever successful when you are satisfied with the service your man and van company will provide. In order to make sure that they meet your expectations, be sure to lay out all your expectations on the table. 

Let them know your schedule, how you expect the move is going to take, what items you’ll be asking them to carry, how difficult it will be to haul your stuff (i.e. Are there too many flights of stairs? Will they have to navigate a maze of narrow hallways? Will there be no lift or elevator to make the job much easier?)

Having this conversation effectively lets them know what your expectations are, and gives them the opportunity to let you know if your expectations are attainable or too far a reach. 

This will also ensure that there will be no surprise additional costs in the end, as you have already laid everything out in the open beforehand.

    4. Do not rush

While you may be on a strict timeline, a hasty decision on which man and van provider you will settle for can cause a lot of trouble and regrets down the line. Make sure to deliberate and compare all your prospective man and van companies and make sure to read any contracts or website fine print carefully. For tips, check out this moving home checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big are man and van vehicles?

Different man and van companies often use vans of different sizes depending on customer requirements. There are four common van sizes used, though. The Small, Medium, Large and Luton sizes. Here’s a comprehensive van size guide to help you identify which works best for your needs.

  2. Do man and van companies provide packing services?

Most companies do, for an extra fee. Just ask your prospective moving company for details on their packing services. 

  3. How about furniture assembly?

Like packing and unpacking your stuff, some companies also offer furniture assembly services for an extra fee. Again, just let your moving company and they’ll be sure to accommodate your needs, if possible. Find more extra helpful tips on moving large objects such as wooden-burning stove in this article.

  4. Can I book a man and van service at the last minute?

Definitely! Provided that your prospective mover is available, they’ll surely be happy to work even last minute. Check out these list of things you should not forget during your move.

  5. Can a man with a van handle antiques and precious art?

Some have the necessary equipment and training to do so, but not all the time. It is still much advisable for you to handle such valuable items yourself to ensure their safety and security, as well as your peace of mind. 

  6. Are there any items I cannot load in the moving van?

For sure. For starters,  dangerous or hazardous materials, stolen and illegal goods, perishable items, environmentally harmful items, explosive goods,  bio-hazardous material, poison,  weapons, firearms, plants and animals are usually not allowed in the moving van. 

However, to make sure that you are not loading any prohibited items into the moving van, it would be best for you to ask a complete list of non-allowable items from your moving company. 

  7. What is the difference between a man and van and a removals company?

Removal companies and man and van companies are quite similar when it comes to its main purpose, which is to transport items from one point to another. However, their difference mostly comes in the size of the job. For small scale moves, most make use of a man and van service. But, if they are in need of bigger lorries or trucks to cover their move, then it would be much advisable to use a removals company.

Moreover, most man and van services operate with one or two people, while a removals company often operates with a whole team of professionally trained movers. Additionally, all removals companies offer packing and unpacking services, while not all man and van companies do. 

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