The Pros and Cons Of Hiring A Man and Van To Move House

Moving house is a highly stressful time. Between packing, organising and sorting out the logistics of your new home, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You will also find that it can be very easy to get frustrated. In fact, it is so very stressful that some people have sworn off moving houses altogether. Fortunately, though, there are many things one can do to make it easier on themselves.

The most common of which is hiring someone else, in this case, a man with a van, to transport your furniture, boxes, and other belongings on moving day. This, however, begs the question, “Is hiring a man and van to move houses even worth it?” Well, only you can answer that!

To help you come to a conclusion all on your own, though, we have gathered a list of and cons of employing a man with a van for your upcoming home relocation.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Man and Van For Your Upcoming House Move

You’ll Be Working With Someone Who Can Keep Your Items Safe

If you hire a man and van for your house move, then you’ll have the assurance that your items will be safe. After all, you are entrusting your items to an experienced crew of movers. That means you won’t have to worry about things like your old coffee table or that brand new bed frame getting scuffed up in transit.

Your Moving Process Will Be As Efficient As Possible

If you hire a man with a van to move your house, there is no doubt that the service will be as quick and efficient as possible. This means that once they arrive on-site for pickup, everything will go according to plan.`

Moreover, they are experienced and efficient enough to pack up the moving van in a way where they do not have to make more than one trip to collect and deliver your stuff. That means you’ll be able to get on with your new life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You Can Save Money

There are various ways you could save money by hiring a man with a van on a moving day. The first of which is by avoiding the hassle of having to rent a moving van yourself. After all, this would mean paying for the fuel and any necessary fees on top of the rental moving van cost.

However, with a man and van, you won’t have to worry about these various additional costs. After all, the final price will already include most of these things.

Moreover, as already mentioned, you will be entrusting your belongings to somebody else – someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing and will do it for you. This means you can save money by not having to worry about repairing or replacing any items that may have been damaged had you tried to move the items yourself.

“How can I save on something that literally requires me to shell out money for?”

If you’re asking this question, you’ll be happy to know that man with a van costs are not as bad as you think. After all, there are only a handful of factors that affect the prices of such. This includes:

  • The length of the job
  • The distance between your point of origin and destination
  • The size of the moving van or Luton van used for the job
  • The difficulty of the move
  • The man with a van services you avail of

With all these things taken into consideration, you can rest assured knowing you’ll only be paying for what is due!

Curious about how man and van costs are typically computed? Here’s a guide you may find useful.

You Can Avoid Dealing With Too Much Physical Stress

If you have to load and unload your belongings, the chances are that it will take a toll on your physical fitness. After all, moving can be tiring work! You might find yourself sitting down with an ice pack every now and then because the lifting has taken its toll on you or feeling like you need to get some fresh air.

Hiring a man with a van for your upcoming house move, however, will allow you to take a step back and relax while your man with a van handles all the hard work.

You’ll Have More Time To Spend With Your Family

If you have hired a man with a van for your upcoming house move, chances are there will be less stress because everything should run smoothly without any problems. This means you’ll have more time to spend with your kids and family!

One Can Be Available Even On Short Notice

Aside from a man and van, you may also look into employing removal services to help you out with your move. However, many removals companies are booked solid for months in advance, and nobody likes dealing with long waiting times!

Fortunately, unless they have another job previously booked, a man with a van is amenable to work even if you have to wait until the last minute to call them. It is best, however, to book a man and van at least two weeks before your house move.

The Disadvantages Of Employing A Man with Van For Your Upcoming House Move

You’ll Have To Give Up Some Of The Control

If you are the type of person who likes being on top of every detail of a project, then it might be worth noting that hiring a man with a van for your upcoming house move means giving up some control. These professionals will know better than you what they need to do their job correctly and efficiently.

Do remember, though, that even if you’re the type of person who prefers to be in control, you can always find ways to work together with your man and van. For example, you may look into providing them with a list of your belongings and instructions with a list of the things you want to be done.

You’ll Have To Entrust Your Belongings To Strangers

While man with a van companies are trustworthy, you’ll be entrusting your belongings to someone you do not personally know.

This can be a concern for some, but it’s important to note that they are there to work. They’re not going to take the time out of their day just because something caught their eye, nor would they open one box to find out what’s inside.

In fact, you may find that many companies will have insurance for their goods. This means that even if something does happen to your belongings, you can still file a claim with the company and get reimbursed for damages!

Man With A Van Companies Have A List Of Non-Allowable Items They Cannot Move

This is important to consider before getting a man with a van for your upcoming house move.

Most man and van services will not allow certain items in their vans. This means that if the company has decided these items are too burdensome or dangerous, they will not move your Some of these items include furniture, cooking appliances, and mattresses.

This means that you’ll have to plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements for the items your man and van company will not move.

There May Not Be Enough Manpower For Your Move

A man and van typically operates with one man or a team of two at most. That means if you are moving from a large house, a man and van may not be able to help you transport your belongings to your new house. However, all is not lost! You can always ask your man and van company for a quote on the price of getting additional manpower or find someone to help you out through other means.

Man And Vans Are Much Better For Local Or Short-Distance Moves

Truck on road in a natural landscape

If you are moving somewhere far away, then a man and van may not be the most practical option for you. After all, man and van service providers typically only work within a certain radius.

This is because of the cost and fuel expenses that come with long-distance moves and the time it takes to do everything right. Turning this job over to someone who handles long-distance or international moves regularly, like one of the many removal companies in your area, will make your life much easier!

Have You Decided On Going For A Man With A Van For Your House Move?

So, have you decided if employing a man and van for your upcoming house move is the best way to go? If you’re still on the fence, then it’s worth noting that there are many advantages of going with this option.

Meanwhile, if you’ve decided on going for a man with a van, here are some tips you will want to keep in mind:

  1. Before choosing a man and van to help out with the house moving job, it would be ideal for you to check out multiple companies. This way, you can compare their prices and services to decide who is the best for your needs.
  2. Similarly, you must check out reviews of different companies before hiring them! You’ll want to read as many testimonials from customers as possible since they may have had experiences with the company in question or know what other people think of the company.
  3. If it is possible, you may ask some of your prospective man with van companies to conduct a pre-move survey for you. This is where they come to your house and look at how much furniture you have so that the company can give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost for them to help with your move.
  4. Some companies offer various van sizes, which means you’ll want to take note of what size your man with a van company provides. This will help you figure out how many people you’ll need to help you move and what the total cost of your man with a van service will be.
  5. If you have pets, then you must tell your company so they can take precautions for them! This includes making sure there is no pet hair on furniture or carpets before moving day, as well as protecting against any fleas or ticks.
  6. A few man and van companies offer other services like packing and unpacking on top of the usual moving services. If you are planning on availing of these services, you will want to go through your stuff and figure out what the company should pack and unpack. Meanwhile, if you are only hiring them for their moving services, you will want to make sure everything is ready for the day of your move.


A man and van service may not be the best option for every move, but it can offer many advantages if you hire the right company. If you need help choosing a company for your upcoming house move, then check out these tips.

Meanwhile, if you are not sure where exactly to start looking for a man with a van, you will want to check out our partner companies from all over the UK here.

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