Why A Man And Van Is Your Best Option Door To Door Deliveries And More

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to do door-to-door collection or deliveries (e.g., move houses, get your business’ products to your customers, or run some errands and make some deliveries for you), hiring a man with a van is always something you should consider doing.

After all, a man and van offers a wide variety of benefits that can’t be matched by any other type of transportation or courier delivery services. If you have yet to be convinced. We’ve compiled a few of the many reasons why hiring a man with a van is your best option for door to door deliveries and more!

What Is A Man And Van?

A man and van is a transportation service for those who need to get from one place to another. It is the perfect option for door to door deliveries because they can take care of everything. They’ll bring your items, unload them at their destination, carry out any necessary assembly work, or pack up anything that needs to be taken away again. Whatever you need, a man and van will do it all!

It’s also an excellent option for small businesses because you can have your products delivered directly to the customer, and it’s also very cost-effective.

The Benefits Of Using A Man And Van Company For Their Door To Door Delivery Service

Man and Van Companies Are Versatile

Arguably, one of the main benefits of using this type of service is that you can tailor it specifically for your needs. In other words, if you need something done quickly – say on a same-day basis – then they can offer that. If you are looking for something a bit more long-term and on an ongoing basis, they can do that too!

Moreover, you will find that they are amenable to any type of job, whether it be a house move, furniture delivery, parcel delivery, or even just a simple run to the store to pick up the goods you’ve pre-ordered! Below are some of the most common ways a man and van is used:

You’ll Find They’re More Affordable Than You Might Think

When you hire one of these services, you will find that they are much more affordable than what it would cost you by hiring a transportation or courier service provider. After all, man and van companies often charge their customers based on various factors, such as the total distance travelled from the pickup point to the destination, the size of the van you avail, and the time your man and van company spends on a job.

Furthermore, they will offer you an all-inclusive, transparent quote, which means there are no hidden fees or other surprises if things get more complicated during the course of your project!

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Large Parcels Or Packages Are Allowed

This also means that you won’t have to worry about the size of the packages or items you send out for delivery. After all, courier services typically limit the size of the parcels or packages they collect and deliver. However, a man with a van will carry and deliver your goods without a problem for as long as it can fit the size of the van you pay for.

The Convenience Of Hiring A Man With Van Is Irresistible

You don’t need to worry about hunting down prices, scheduling times with them or even driving your vehicle. All you have to do is call up the company, they are usually more than happy to schedule an appointment with you, and everything will be taken care of from there!

The convenience is undeniable; the ability to have someone take care of your errands for you or even just a small move that can’t wait makes it worth every penny.

Your Belongings Will Be Safe And Secure

You will also find that most man and van companies have the necessary tools and experience to ensure that your goods or belongings are handled as safely as possible from collection up to delivery.

Moreover, most man and van companies have liability insurance, which covers any damages that may occur to your items in transit as well!

A Man And Van Is Much Easier To Book

Lastly, you will find that they are much easier to book than a transportation or courier service provider. This means you can book an appointment at any time of the day and for as long as you need them, which is perfect if your needs fluctuate on a regular basis!

FAQs on Man and Vans as Door To Door Courier Service Providers

Can A Man With A Van Make Multiple Stops In One Trip?

Typically, a man and van can make multiple stops in one trip. However, it will be best to speak with your prospective man and van about this matter. After all, it will depend on how much free time your man and van has, how much you’re able to pay them, and what the job entails, specifically.

How Far Can A Man And Van Go To Make The Deliveries?

Most man and van companies only perform local jobs, which means they are more likely to deliver parcels and packages to local addresses. However, some will accept long-distance delivery jobs for as long as the budget and distance are reasonable.

As for cross-country trips and international deliveries to areas outside the United Kingdom, you might be better off hiring a logistics and transportation company that makes worldwide deliveries for the job.

Can I Go With My Man And Van While They Make The Deliveries?

It depends. This shouldn’t be a problem for some man and van companies, but decisions like this are often made on a case-to-case basis. After all,  the purpose of your request, the schedule of your service provider, and the extra space within the vehicle must all be taken into consideration beforehand.

I’m Quite Worried The Van Driver Won’t Have The Strength To Carry Everything Himself, What Can I Do?

Don’t worry! You can always pay additional for an extra set of hands or two. Most man and van service providers are ready for this dilemma and have people on standby whom they can tap to help with the delivery of large parcels and packages.

Are There Any Items That I Cannot Send Through A Man With A Van?

Many removals and man and van companies have a list of items they are not authorised to move or transport due to various safety issues. This list often includes perishable items, illegal goods, explosives, and hazardous materials.

However, many companies often expand on this list as they see fit. Hence, it is best to consult with your chosen man and van company on the matter.

How Soon Will The Man And Van Deliver The Items They Collect?

You will be glad to know that unless something goes wrong on delivery day or are having them deliver something somewhere far away, your man and van will have your goods delivered the same day. This is because most man and van companies charge you for their time rather than a flat rate for their services.

Moreover, most man and van companies often make it a point to only conduct one job at a time instead of juggling multiple all at once.

Planning On Hiring A Man And Van For Your Courier Service Needs?

Now that you know just how exactly a man and van is helpful when you’re looking for someone to provide you with door-to-door delivery services,  it’s time to get on one! After all, there are far too many benefits of using one of these services to pass up!

If you’ve decided on hiring one, be sure to check out multiple companies before settling one to help you out with the job. Better yet, to make things much easier, do check out some What Man and Van partners here!

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