Moving Mishaps: What To Do When A Moving Company Damages Your Stuff

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No matter how careful you or your movers are, there’s always a chance that you’ll have an item damaged during transportation. After all, accidents aren’t always a hundred percent preventable.

If this has happened to you or are afraid it might happen to you, you may be asking,  “What exactly do you do when you find your items somehow damaged after being transported by a moving company?

Well, to help you answer that question, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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First of all, you should take all the necessary preventive measures before moving day.

Hire a professional moving company through a reputable removal marketplace for removal services. Through our website, you can find only the best removal companies in the UK whom you can trust with handling your most valued items.

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It will also help if you hire a member of the British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers. These organisations make sure that their members follow protocols and high standards when it comes to removals.

Most moving companies offer packing services, but if you choose to do it yourself, make sure that your packing materials are suitable for every item. Fragile items like mirrors and electronics should be carefully packed and labelled as “fragile.” Here is a packing guide for electronics and kitchen gadgets that you may find useful.

Take photos before and after packing so if something wrong happens, you have evidence that your items weren’t damaged under your care.

Having an inventory is essential as well, as this can help you track items during your moving day.

Get Insured

Once you’ve hired a removal company, make sure to read and understand their terms and conditions. As a standard, BAR members provide a written contract. If you insist on a written agreement and your mover doesn’t comply, it’s better to choose another.

Removal companies might have years of experience, but they’re also aware that accidents can happen. Under terms and conditions, liabilities are stated. You’ll most probably see the terms Standard Liability or Extended Liability, but these aren’t usually standalone insurance. We highly recommend that you get insurance for your peace of mind. Many moving companies offer insurance coverage, but you can also get it from a separate insurance provider.

If you have an existing home contents insurance policy, you might be thinking of not getting a removals insurance. Before making a decision, make sure to double-check your home contents insurance’s terms. Does it cover items on transit? Are there any excluded items?

Whichever insurance policy you choose, remember to ask the critical questions: What’s the maximum claim cap per item? How is it calculated? How long does it take to get the claim?

The Damage Is Done. What Should I Do?

First, you have to stay calm, especially if it’s clear that it’s an accident. Nothing good comes from being abusive to service providers. Instead, finish moving everything first and prepare to give a formal report to the company.

It’s best to contact the removal company as soon as possible, but make sure that you have documented every detail. Note the time and location of the incident, name of the person involved, and scope of the damage. It helps to be detailed in your notes–if stating the weather condition is useful, feel free to do so. Write about how the item was packaged before the incident.

When everything’s settled, and you finished relocating your belongings at your new house, contact the removal company and file a formal complaint.

Prepare your proof and other notes. If you want to strengthen your claims, you can prove the monetary value of your items. It can be a receipt or a quote from a store that still sells those items.

You might also want to tell the company that you take time in writing reviews on the Internet. No service provider wants a bad review, right? This is to remind them to take responsibility and give you proper and fair compensation for the damage.

Once you filed the complaint, it should be acknowledged within three working days before they start the investigation. If you contact them through a phone call, advise them that you will do a follow-up email to document everything in writing. When they give a positive response, remember to thank them for promising to investigate, pay, or any course of action they said.

Within 15 days of the complaint, you can expect a formal written outcome from the removal company.

The Removal Company Won’t Face My Complaint. What’s My Next Step?

If you haven’t heard from them or if you’re dissatisfied with their course of action, you can report to the British Association of Removers. Aside from setting standards for insurance options, the BAR also sets guidelines for service cancellation, refunding, and payment guarantees between the customers and the removal companies. As a consumer, you will definitely be protected by the BAR.

In the unlikely case that you’re discontented with their resolution, you can take the case to The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO). They are an independent, non-profit, and government-approved Ombudsman for disputes in the property sector. You can raise a dispute and contact them through their website or call them at 0333 241 3209.

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