Top Time-Saving Tips For Moving

When you’re moving house, every second counts and every minute is an hour. However, we’re often guilty of neglecting certain tasks that could save us a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Moreover, we do not realize how time wasted directly results in money wasted. After all, it is a common belief that time is money. This is the reason why we want to share with you time and money-saving moving hacks and moving tips that will help you move house without spending too much effort, time or money.

Top Moving Tips That Can Help You Save Time

Here are helpful moving tips that will save you time, money and effort during the move.

Creating A Moving Checklist

You are probably already aware of how important it is to create a checklist for your upcoming move. As it is necessary to be prepared before you start the whole process, creating a checklist will keep you on track and help you avoid forgetting anything.

After all, moving house is already time-consuming as it is. Executing the move without a proper plan is an invitation for disaster. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in between boxes, wondering what to do next, now do you?

Create a list of everything you need to bring from your old house as well as everything you have already packed up. Then go through the list and mark off items that have been completed. This way, it will be easy for you to see what is left.

Declutter Your Old House

This is the time when decluttering your house pays off. The reason why decluttering will save you time during the move is because you are getting rid of unnecessary items that only take up space. If these items are not needed, they should be left out to make room for essential things.

Make An Inventory Of The Items You Wish To Take With You

This tip is also essential to the moving process. You must make an inventory of all the items you wish to take with you.

So how do you make an inventory? To start off, list everything in detail on a piece of paper when packing up your stuff. If you are using boxes, write down what’s inside the box. You can also attach labels or use this printable inventory list to further help yourself keep track of items.

Use The Right Packing Materials

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality packing supplies. This is actually one of the most important moving tips you need to remember because if your boxes are poorly packed, it’s only a matter of time before everything breaks.

We’re not telling you that you should run out right now and buy new boxes for packing purposes. There are other things you can use like, for example, old newspapers or clothes. However, it must go without saying that high-quality packing supplies definitely help you save time and effort.

If you have a lot of fragile things, it is suggested that you use bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts instead of clothes and newspapers. Styrofoam peanuts are definitely better because they won’t be ruined by rain so if this happens, at least your items will be protected from getting wet.

Pre-Label Your Boxes

This is one of the best moving tips you can find because it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. So, before you start packing, pre-label the bins you will use for your move with what’s in them and its destination. You can then pack everything without having to unpack it when you arrive at your new home.

Adopt An Efficient Packing System

This is another important moving tip that will help you save time during the move. After all, how much time do you think it takes to pack everything when there are hundreds of items?

You don’t have to stress yourself out so much because you can always adopt an efficient packing system. You can use colour coded labels or coloured tape for this

You will also save some time if you pack similar items together. This means that it is best if you group dishes and utensils in one box and food and bathroom supplies in another. This way, when you unpack your boxes, all you have to do is look for the boxes with labels – then unpack – put away – done! No time As long as you are systematic about it, you will have everything packed up in no time.

Pack Fragile Items First

Fragile items are expensive and hard to replace so it is best that you keep them safe during the move. Put them inside sturdy boxes and ensure that they are properly protected with bubble wraps or packing paper before placing them in there.

It is also important that you pack fragile items last so you can double-check if everything’s okay when you unpack them later on. You don’t want to lose your favourite vase because it was the last item to be packed and you accidentally dropped it.

Pack A Personal Box

This is one of the simplest moving tips out there but, for some reason, people still fail to do this. If someone who has never moved before were to move into a new house, they would probably end up unpacking everything in its place without knowing that they can just put things wherever.

So, here’s the deal: pack a box for your personal belongings and label it with “My Room” or whatever room you wish to be set up first. This way, if the movers accidentally unpack all of your stuff first before you arrive at your new home, you’ll know where to look first for your personal belongings.

Hire Professional Movers To Do The Heavy Lifting

Moving is a challenge not only for the one who is moving but also for the helpers. So, if possible, hire a moving company or a man with a van to move things in your new home or apartment so you can focus on yourself without worrying about extra items.

It’s not something you should do every time because hiring professionals means spending more money than usual. You should only hire professional movers when you need to move large items like furniture, vehicles, pianos and other bulky stuff.

Aside from the heavy lifting, a man and van or moving companies also help you with the packing process. They are probably more efficient at packing than you because they do this all the time. You should ask them for pointers if you want to become more efficient.

Plan Ahead For Your Pets

Moving with pets is also a challenge because you need to make sure they are comfortable throughout the process. Pets are also stressful for movers so you should pack their favourite blanket or toy in advance so that your pets can feel at home while you’re loading things.

Pets will probably be hungry after a long time of waiting, especially if they are left alone. You should pack their food and supplies ahead of time so they can eat as soon as the movers leave.

Just like pets, cats and dogs will also need medication to keep them calm. So, pack their treats or pill pockets before your move so you don’t forget.

Pack Some Light Snacks For Yourself

Aside from your pets, you’ll also need to make sure that you are prepared for the long journey ahead of you. You should pack plenty of water and light snacks to keep up your energy levels throughout the moving process.

You might think that having a meal is more important but there’s a good chance that you’ll get hungry during the move so it’s important that you have something to eat other than heavy meals. If possible, pack your favourite meal and share it with your helpers or family members when everything has been moved in.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read the article above, you’ve got a better idea of how to go about moving easier with these time-saving tips for moving. You will also find that these tips and tricks will help you save money on your next move.

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