A Guide On The Top 9 Cheapest Places To Live In London

cheapest places to live in london

If you are planning on moving to London for work, university, or just a change of scenery, then you must already know that the cost of living here is one of the most expensive in the world. This is because aside from being the financial centre in the European region, the population in London, now at more than 9 million, also continues to grow. That, in turn, means the demand for food and other necessities also rises while the supply remains low, thus leading to an increase in the price of the most basic goods. Because of this, you must find ways to minimise your expenses however you can.

Of course, one way to do this is by making sure you live in London’s more affordable areas where you can find comparatively low house prices while still enjoying the benefits of living in London. Be sure to check out this list of the cheapest places to live in London before booking a London removals company to help you out with your move!

London Living Costs

Before looking at the cheapest areas to live in London, though, here’s a quick peek at some figures that would interest you if you plan to move to the area.

  • Monthly Costs for a Family of Four – £3,057.61
  • Monthly Costs for A Single Person – £862.29
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre – £1,687.71 
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre- £1,271.76 
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre – £3,300.00 
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre – £2,170.84 
  • Average House Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in Centre – £12,335.58 
  • Average House Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre – £6,058.57 
  • Net Average Salary (After Tax) – £3,109.25

What Are The Cheapest Places To Live In London?


First on the list is the London Borough of Havering, located in East London. The Havering average house price falls at about £371,260, while rent runs at about £1,150 per calendar month. The borough has a population of 259,552 as of the 2019 estimate and has become a popular moving destination for more than just its affordable house prices.

Havering is also the place to be if you are looking for areas with many green spaces as more than half its total area is Metropolitan Green Belt protected land. Moreover, you will find that Havering has a below-average unemployment rate and a significantly low crime rate, making it all the more desirable if you plan to move and raise your family here.

Its principal town, Romford, is best known for its retail and nighttime industries, making it an appealing option for business owners.

Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham is another area you will want to check out if you want to avoid high house prices and overwhelming rent prices. The area, which has Barking, Chadwell Heath, and Dagenham as its main towns, is quite diverse and is best known for its excellent transport links and proximity to Central London.

This London borough is ever-developing and has been designated as a national priority for urban regeneration, making it all the more suitable for young professionals, those looking for new beginnings, and those looking to plant roots somewhere that has yet to reach its full potential.


Moving to Croydon is also something you will want to consider when looking for affordable places in London. Aside from being a major commercial centre in South London, Croydon is also one of the cheapest London boroughs and towns. The Croydon average house price falls at about £385,488, while the average rent runs at about £1,129 monthly.

If you are set to work within Central London, but cannot live there, Croydon is the best option because of its excellent transport links. After all, with the trains that run from East Croydon station to London Victoria station, you can get in and out within 15 to 20 minutes.

If you are interested in moving here, remember to hire a house removals company in Croydon to make your relocation easier!


Sutton is another one of London’s cheapest areas within South London. The Sutton average house price runs at £385,190, while average rental prices here go for about an average of £1,100 pcm. This area is an ideal place to live with your family, given the number of great schools and low crime rates in the area.

Although Sutton is far from just a short walk to Central London, you will find that this borough is still ideal when you plan on making the regular back and forth commute. After all, the transport connections here (i.e., rail connections and network of buses servicing London) make it possible to travel one way in under an hour.

Interested in moving to Sutton? Contact a Sutton Removals Company here!


Next on the list is Enfield, a borough in North London that appeals to those who crave lots of green spaces and small-town life. Enfield’s house prices run at about £403,170, while rent prices are about £1,265 per month.

You will also be glad to know that Enfield is an education authority within the district, which means it is ideal when you want to find a place where you can find the best schooling option for your kids. If you are ready to move to Enfield, do not forget to book your Enfield removals company ASAP.


Although Greenwich is mainly a tourist destination, many people still choose to live here for many reasons, including the rent and property prices. After all, the Greenwich average house price is £372,803, while the average rent price is £1,933 pcm.

This stunning and historic town is also a short commute from Central London and is well-connected by several local rail services. This means that you can get here in about 40-50 minutes if you plan on making the daily back and forth trip to work.

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Bexley is an area in South East London that offers the best of both worlds: it’s only 45 minutes to central London and one of Britain’s safest boroughs! The people are friendly, there are plenty of things for your family (and pets!) to do outdoors, like hiking or exploring nature preserves on safaris run by local conservation groups.

This area is ideal especially for families because of the low crime rate, great schools and relatively lower rent prices. The Bexley average house price is about £344,254, while rent runs at an average of £1,100.


Lewisham is another South East London borough that houses one of the cheapest average house prices in all of Greater London. The average price for a home here falls at about £397,335, with rent running for about £1,405 pcm.

For those who plan on commuting to Central London regularly, this area offers great connections as it can take you in and out of the city within 30 minutes, thanks to its extensive network of bus lines and Central London rail connection.

The best part about this area is the many great neighbourhoods to choose from, including the buzzy Blackheath Village.

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Hounslow is a borough in West London that offers great housing and transportation to those who plan on making the daily commute. The average house price falls at about £404,615, with rent running for about £1,441 per month.

It is a popular moving destination, especially for those who regularly travel, as Heathrow Airport is nearby. If you plan on travelling abroad often, this is the place to be.

Many people also choose to move here due to many great neighbourhoods within walking distance from the town centre, including Brentford and Hanworth Park. This means that there will be plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars and shopping centres to explore. If you, too, want to move here, remember to book your Hounslow movers ASAP.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best and most affordable areas to live in London, choosing the right place to move will be easier than ever! Just keep these Tips To Avoid Rental Scams In London in mind to make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

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Meanwhile, if you need help planning your upcoming move, check out this moving checklist and the WhatManAndVan advice section for more tips and expert tricks! Not just in London, WhatManandVan can also help you connect with removals in Leicester, Cardiff, Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, and many more locations to assist with your relocation.

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