Removal Van and Your Relocation

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Whether you are planning on hiring a Man and Van service or you are looking into renting a vehicle for yourself, you have to consider how this may affect the rest of your move. Since it will be making the long trip to your next destination, it is safe to say you cannot settle for just any moving van. You need to be able to match your house or office removal with the perfect moving service.

When Should You Hire A Removal Van?

You can hire a removal van anytime you need to collect and transport your belongings, rubbish removal included. There are several ways you can hire your removal van. The first is by hiring a Man and Van company. Man and Van companies are focused on transporting your belongings from one place to the van and from the van to your new destination. When you book their services, the van hire is apart of the package.

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Unlike a full-removal service, you can hire your Man and Van on short-notice. You can book them weeks before the move or just the day before. As long as they haven’t yet been booked, you should have no problem finding a team and van for your moving day.

The second way of getting a removal van is by renting it on your own. It is a popular solution for individuals who don’t have their own vehicle, but it can also be for those whose cars aren’t spacious enough. When you are moving, it is crucial to have a vehicle that can accommodate all of your belongings.

While renting a removal van may keep your moving budget low compared to a hiring a removal company, you have to take the bulk of the work. If you have a busy schedule or have health problems, the labour-intensive tasks might be too much for you. Remember, It is best to hire them when you are sure you have all belongings packed and ready to go.

If you have trouble getting your house in order, you can visit our packing tips guide here.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Removal Van

When you are hiring a removal van, there are 3 things you have to think about carefully: the price, size, and insurance cover. They are integral factors in ensuring that you have a smooth and hassle-free move.

Removal Van Prices

The price for the removal van depends on the van capacity, hourly rate, and location. The base price may include a minimum charge for 2 hrs and increases according to their hourly rate. However, every company has its own arrangement. Others may try to price it according to time windows or have a fixed price for long-distance relocations. In both scenarios, they usually charge a late fee when the van is not returned within the agreed time.

When you hire a Man and Van team, the price is also affected. Your removal team has an hourly rate and an overtime fee. When you get a removal firm to send a team, it is added to your final bill.

Your van hire is a budget option–however, the fees can rack up. It only stays a budget option when you carefully select your Man and Van company and plan your move. For example, you book a removal van for your moving day on Friday. It would be best if you had all your belongings packed by Thursday night, and you have a plan for loading and transporting your items. When you manage to get on the road before rush hour and drive the least congested route, you can have your removal van return in no time.

At the end of the day, the cost of a removal van service or a van hire is significantly cheaper than the full house removal. Moving house is already an expensive step. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your budget on packing services, rubbish removal, and other misc tasks you can do on your own.

Removal Van Capacity

The next factor is van capacity. Homes across the UK come in all shapes and sizes–from a small section of a shared dorm room to the stately houses in affluent neighbourhoods. Companies often have a selection of vans available to accommodate every type of move. When you enquire, be as detailed as possible to get the best recommendation from their customer service. To stay in the safe side, look up the van sizes available on the platform and try to judge whether it can hold all of your things.

It is important to get the capacity right because, firstly, it can affect the price. And secondly, it can create a logistical problem. When your van is too small, it means multiple trips, however, when your van is too big, you are paying for space you aren’t utilising. It is very much a Goldilocks situation. You have to find the one that is just right.

Insurance Cost And Misc

In the UK, you cannot rent or drive a vehicle if you do not have the proper insurance. Make sure you have the right paperwork in order. If you are renting a large van like anything larger than 3.5-tonne lorry, then you need to have a Category C1 driving license. If you do not have car insurance, you may also opt to buy the covers available at the company.

Besides the paperwork, you can also look into the extra products and services. While you are renting your removal van from a company, you can browse around. Some may offer packing material like boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts for an additional fee. If you need to pack a couple of stragglers, then you can request for packing material.

You need to carefully consider each selection and use it as a basis to compare different providers. After you settle on your moving date, moving budget, van capacity, and additional services, you are ready to hire your removal van!

How To Hire A Removal Van

Visit different websites to get a feel of the rates available. Instead of looking up each company, you can use WhatManandVan to find Man and Van removals in the surrounding area. From there, you can use the filter tool to narrow down your options. When you get your list of recommendations, you can send an enquiry to get their exact quotes. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their customer service line.

Take the time to compare each company. If you want to get an impartial answer, you can rank them according to category. You can use the factors listed above, and add criteria like discounts, accessibility, review score, etc. Rank the best option with a 1 and the worst at a 5. The provider with the lowest total has the best choice! Taking comprehensive measures ensures you get great service.

When you have your removal van company in mind, it is time to seal the deal. Most removal Man and Van have websites so you can book them online. However, you can also call them with the contact number listed on their Google My Business Page, website, or ad. Then you are finished! You have successfully hired a removal van for your moving day.

Types Of Removal Vans

If you want to get to know the removal van options available, there are 5 main sizes:

Small Van

The small van is larger than your usual car. If you drive a hatchback or a sedan, the van can be a significant upgrade. The small van is an excellent choice for student moves and transporting single items.

Medium Van

A medium van has a medium wheelbase. It can handle a couple of bulky furniture sets and is suitable for people who are moving between studio flats in the city. It can also be for small house removal.

Large Van

A large van has a long wheelbase. It can be the top choice for a small house or office removal. It can accommodate bulky appliances on top of the usual boxes.

Luton Lorry (3.5 tonnes)

Luton van is a common choice for most office and home removals. It can hold furniture sets, appliances, and several boxes. It has a higher roof so you can work with the extra vertical space. Instead of laying down your tall lamps and coat rack, you can keep them upright and stack smaller boxes on top of each other.

Luton Lorry (7.5 tonnes)

The 7.5-tonne Luton is the largest option in the removals industry, and not everyone can drive it. You need to have a C1 drivers license, and renting it can be pretty expensive. It is the top choice if you are moving from a mid to large-sized house. If you hire a professional removals company, this is the vehicle of choice.

For more details, you can check out our van size guide.

Benefits Of Renting A Removal Van

With moving day approaching, renting a removal van is a quick and easy solution for UK residents. Its affordable fee, flexible hours, and variety of sizes make it the perfect partner for office or house removals. With a van, you can go through your move at your own pace and make proper considerations for special belongings like family heirlooms, vintage furniture, and fragile items.

If you need additional assistance, you can hire professional movers to go with your removal van. You can maintain your boundaries by packing your items by yourself and having the removals team take on the heavy-lifting, from the loading and unloading to the long drive. With your professional movers, you don’t have to waste your moving day on back-breaking tasks.

Your van hire can be the much-needed budget service to round out your moving experience. If you are ready to rent a van or hire a Man and Van service, you can visit WhatManandVan for a comprehensive list of honest and reliable service providers. If you need a little more muscle for your move, you can also look into our removals partners who provide a packing service on top of the regular loading and unloading.

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