A Quick Guide On The Professional Services To Hire When Moving House

professional services to hire when moving house

When you are planning on moving houses, it is always very easy to forego the help of others and handle the move to your new home all by yourself. After all, a DIY move is what saves you a lot of money in the long run. Right?

Not exactly.

There are, in fact, many reasons why you could end up spending so much more money trying to take care of everything yourself rather than just hiring someone else to do it. This includes the fact that they are experienced in their respective fields, possess the best equipment for the job, and are trained to perform their jobs with the utmost regard for your safety and the safety of your belongings and your property. Here’s a quick look at how much moving houses can usually cost.

If you’re on the lookout for various services which you may use to help you with your upcoming house move, you’re in the right place! This article enumerates the services which you may hire to make the moving process easy and stress-free!

What Professional Services Can I Hire For My House Move?

Here is a list of services that you may hire to make your move so much easier:

A Professional Moving Company

First, on the list of professional service providers, you will want to hire for your upcoming house move is a reliable moving company. House removals companies offer a wide range of moving services, including the acquisition of packing materials, packing services, furniture dismantling and re-assembly, transportation services, unpacking, and arranging your furniture at the new place. Check out our partner moving companies in Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and more locations nationwide.

That means, should you choose to avail of all their services, you won’t have to worry about doing any of the dirty work or the heavy lifting! All you’ll have to do is ensure that everything is set and ready to go.

Meanwhile, if you’re worried about the cost of hiring a removal company, you can save money by booking your move with them well in advance. This will allow you to secure better rates and discounts.

Not quite sure where to start looking for reliable removals companies for the big move? You’ve come to the right place! WhatManandVan has a handful of partner professional movers all over the UK, including major cities like London, Birmingham, and Glasgow, which means finding and hiring the right one for you will be quick, easy, and definitely stress-free!

Removals Insurance Services

If you’re worried about the safety and security of your belongings, then purchasing a house removals insurance policy is another way to save money while at it. Moving companies offer different types of insurance options that protect customers against damage during the moving process, but getting a third party removals insurance policy is also something you will want to consider.

Self Storage Services

If you’re only moving a few blocks away from your old house to the new one, then hiring storage services is another way to save money while at it. Whether opting for short-term or long-term self storage units, either of these options may work perfectly well in storing items that are not being used often during the moving process.

Just ensure that you clean your belongings before storing them to avoid paying more for the dirt and grime your items may have accumulated while in storage over time.

If you are planning on storing fragile items like dishes and glassware, then it is also advisable to invest in some extra boxes to keep them safe while being stowed away. This way, you will be able to prevent them from breaking as a result of any mishandling.

Construction Services

If you’re planning on renovating either your old or new home before moving in, then hiring construction services is another way to save money while at it. Construction companies offer various types of renovation and repair options all year round.

From upgrading kitchens and bathrooms to completely remodelling the entire house structure, these professionals will be able to do it all! What’s more, they will also be able to offer you various discounts and special offers if you’re willing to book your job in advance.

Professional Cleaners

Aside from hiring construction services, you can also save money by hiring professional cleaners for the task. Whether post-renovation or pre-move in cleaning, these professionals will have your new home looking sparkling clean before even moving a single item of furniture inside! It is even more important if you’re moving into a new home that still needs to be cleaned and prepped for your arrival.

Hiring professional cleaners is also extremely important if you are moving into a home previously occupied by someone else. This way, you can ensure that your new home is completely free from any dirt, dust or grime which may have accumulated over time in the old property!

Just ensure that the cleaners are bonded and insured so if anything bad were to happen while they’re doing their job, it is covered by them instead of falling onto you as well!

This is also something you will want to check if you’re planning on hiring storage services to store your belongings either in self-storage units or with a moving company.

Pest Control Sevices

You can also hire pest control services as another way on how you can save money. Whether that be for the provision of termite inspection and treatment and removal or spider extermination – they’re all great options when looking for ways to save money.

The best part is, you can easily avail of these services by hiring a reputable pest control company that offers everything under one roof at affordable rates. This will allow you to save money as well as time because you won’t have to hire different contractors for separate projects, thereby saving on the costs associated with coordination between various vendors.

Childcare or Petcare Services

If you are moving with kids or moving with a pet, it would also be ideal to hire childcare or petcare services to lend you a hand during the process. This way, they can look after your kids or pet while you are busy packing up the house and preparing your new home.

There is also a possibility that you may not find someone reliable enough on such short notice, so it would even make more sense for you to hire these professionals in advance before moving day comes around.

Whatever the case may be, these services will definitely come in handy, so it would be best to hire them as another way to save money during the moving process.

More Tips To Remember

  1. Ensure that these professional removal companies have the right insurance coverage in case anything bad happens while they’re working on your project, so they cover all the liability instead of falling onto you as well!
  2. Whatever services or products being offered by these professionals are states or locally licensed. This way you can ensure that they have some form of reputation to protect and this will result in better service delivery all round!
  3. Remember to check out reviews and ratings of these companies online before hiring them. This way, you can be sure that they will offer the services as promised and ensure a hassle-free moving experience throughout!
  4. Always check for any special discounts or offers available on their service packages because doing so will allow you to save even more money during your move!  Moreover, always remember to compare quotes when you can! The last thing you want is paying for a deal of lesser value, after all! Browse our website weeks ahead of your move for removals you can hire in Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and many more places.
  5. Remember to ask the pros for specific moving tips that will help you with your relocation. They can even share some good insights on how to save money when relocating!
  6. Although such professionals are always trustworthy and safe, it would be in everyone’s best interest if you kept any valuable item.

These are just a few generic hiring tips when it comes to saving money during your move, but from the looks of things, there’s more than enough options out there where you’ll be able to cut down on some of the costs associated with your next big move.

Final Thoughts

These are only some tips you can keep in mind to make a stress free move to your new house! To make sure that everything goes well, remember to make a detailed plan of your upcoming move, and always keep in mind to hire professionals, and you’ll be in good hands!

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