8 Things to Remember When Moving Luxury Mirrored Furniture

luxury mirrored furniture

Mind-bending statement pieces add a glamorous and dreamy effect to any types of home. These include a piece of an expensive glass chandelier at the entryway or front porch, long overstaffed sofa with coffee side and tables, and of course luxury mirrored furniture that best complement either your preferred contemporary style or vintage home interior.

According to history, the earliest versions of the mirror were those crafted from polished stone and black volcanic glass obsidian. Experts believed these types of mirrors have originated 6000 years ago. In ancient times, mirrors made from metal alloys tend to be of high value and only those who belong to wealthy class can afford it. But in 1835, a German Chemist named Justus von Liebig has successfully invented the silvered-glass mirror type which made it affordable for the normal people. In the advent of technology, modern and sophisticated designs have come to rise in the market. Its functional and decorative uses which have gone to develop over time making it a more in-demand household item.

Mirrors can serve for a number of purposes. If your room needs brighter lighting, then a mirror would do help. You can place it somewhere that is facing the window so it will be able to bounce light across the room. It also creates an illusion, giving people the idea that the room is more spacious than its actual size.  Putting a mirror at home also adds embellishment to the interior and radiates vibrance in the entire home. In fact, mirrors have now been used as a major component in artistic furniture.

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Luxury Mirrored Furniture tend to be expensive due to the cost of labour and quality of materials used in the crafting. It has been one of the coolest trends in the interior design which has risen to popularity in the 1920’s and 30’s. Despite being pricey, mirrored furniture prove to be a must-have for every home as it represents elegance and class. It’s also worth purchasing since it guarantees durability. Unlike wood furniture, they do not fade and usually last long-term.

Whether you want to add a chic look or just want to accentuate your home interior, there is an array of mirrored furniture set you could choose from. It can range from a mirrored wardrobe, console and dressing table, fireplaces, coffee tables, and even drawers and cabinets. Every luxury mirrored furniture can match one’s preferred style and taste may it be traditional or modern.  

However, moving these artistic and expensive pieces may come out risky. It typically requires special treatment compared to other stuff which you will need to transport in case you are moving to a new flat or just sending your things out temporarily to a self-storage unit. The process may turn out more difficult and a lot of hard work if you haven’t got anyone to help you out during the move. You may consider asking for assistance from a reputable Professional Moving Company or Man and Van company who is more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to moving furniture and other delicate items. We’ve got partner moving companies in London and many other cities across the UK that can help out with moving delicate items into your new home or into a self storage. They certainly know how to take care of your stuff and might even offer insurance coverage for any catastrophic damage which may be incurred during the process. Some storage companies also offer moving services as part of the package. You may use our platform to search self storage in Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, London, Cardiff, and Liverpool that you can rent out.

The safety of your mirrored furniture must be a top priority when moving to a new location. You could not risk a favourite mirrored dresser getting broken at the slightest negligence. Below is a list of things you may take into consideration as you transport your valuable luxury mirrored furniture.

Prepare the mirrored furniture for moving

Remove the contents of your mirrored wardrobe, bedside table, or TV cabinet. You may leave the drawers attached to the furniture set if they have locks. But in case they don’t, it is advisable to remove all the drawers before the transit to avoid unnecessary moving. This helps you or the removalist transport the item with ease.

Wrap the furniture

You ought to purchase packs of bubble wrap and packaging tape before the scheduled move.  You will use these materials in securing your mirrored furniture in place so it does not get scratched or damaged. Using a thick blanket to wrap the entire furniture also guarantees the safety of the item.

Prevent using any moving equipment

It is not advisable to use a dolly or any moving equipment during the transport of delicate items such as mirrored furniture. The best way for a safe transit is to move the items with hands. This helps prevent your valuable pieces from getting cracks or damage.

Do not place it with hard items

To make sure your mirrored furniture arrives safely to its location, avoid putting it near any hard items such as hefty furniture, kitchen appliances, wood-burning stove etc. which may get it broken or damaged when a random stop cause it to bump to one another.

Do not unpack it immediately

If you haven’t finished setting up your new place, postpone the unpacking. Exposing the mirrored furniture while your new location is still undone will not do any good and worse it might put your item at risk.  You may remove its cover once you have finally put up all your stuff in its proper place. For 

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