5 Tips on Moving Your Wood-burning Stove

how to move a woodburning stove

A wood-burning stove or log burner typically requires extra effort during a relocation. This is primarily due to its mass which typically starts from 300 lbs or around 136 kilograms or a weight that could equate to 1.10 times a Panda Bear. The size of the wood-burning stove, which can vary depending on the model or type, can also add up to the struggle of moving. This computation doesn’t involve the wood logs, coal, and pallet yet.

During the winter season, wood-burning stoves are a great source of heat. It provides a cosy and warm feeling on colder days. However, the average cost of the log burner can go up as much as £1,897, including the installation by a trained service tech. The price may alter depending on the amount of work needed for your home. You may be able to save on costs if your house already got a built-in chimney.   

And although purchasing a wood-burning stove may turn out expensive with the added cost of installation, it still makes an excellent choice for lowering your monthly heating bills. A wood-burning stove can be proven very much beneficial in the long run, especially during the winter months.

When choosing the perfect wood-burning stove for your house, there are certain variables you ought to consider. These include the design of the wood-burning stove you prefer, the space coverage you want to heat up, the heat output, the size of the firebox, and of course, the glass door. Each of these features is significant in purchasing the right burner.

If you are planning to buy and install wood-burning stoves for your home, you might want to check out Stove N Fitting which is a professional and trusted supplier of multifuel stoves and log burners. They also provide and offer Inglenook Fireplaces, Stone Masonary, Flue Maintenance, Installation & Fitting Service. If you’re looking for a more green alternative solution for your heating, check our gas combi boilers which are equally challenging to move.

Whether you are now planning to move to a new flat or deposit your items temporarily in a self-storage unit while you renovate your home interior, it helps to figure out how you can effectively move heavy equipment such as a wood-burning stove with a glass door. This really makes sense as you wouldn’t want to ruin or damage your ceramic tiles as you do the move.

Here we’ve got you a list of helpful tips you can adapt as you move your wood-burning stove along with other hefty furniture.

Check whether you will need help from professionals

Prior to your move, carefully evaluate your situation. Checking out these moving house tips might help you plan it accordingly. You have to check if you can do the moving process alone or you will need to hire professional movers or a Man and Van who is much more ex[perienced in moving furniture.

Wood-burning stove typically weighs heavy and it will probably take four people to successfully move or relocate it. But if you are unlucky to have good guys to help you out, you may consider relying on self-storage companies which usually offer removal services.

Use blankets for protection

Although wood-burning stove may be proven heavy-duty, it still needs to be taken care of when moving to a new location or area to prevent unnecessary damage. You may consider wrapping the stove with a blanket or any fabric clothing to keep it safe and protected.

Prepare ropes and plywoods

Visit the nearest hardware to purchase sturdy ropes and plywoods which you will use in moving your wood-burning stove. You will need the rope to tie both legs of the log burner for the pulling process while the plywoods are meant to protect your floor from scratch.

Wear working gloves

You would not want to earn calluses and injuries out of pulling the heavy burner so it helps to consider donning working gloves. Each one who will assist in the moving of the stove must have a pair of this protective hand cover.

Keep children and pets away during the move

The wood-burning stove may cause an accident if any single mistake is made in the moving process. This is why you have to be certain that kids and pets are not within the area during the move. Before the transport of the hefty item, it pays to check whether the area is free from obstacles that may affect the moving and lead to undesirable events.

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