7 Useful Tips on How to Pack A Car When Moving

how to pack a car

Getting a specialised vehicle or hiring a removals company with a large moving truck can cost a lot of money. So, if you want to reduce costs, consider packing some of your valuable items in the car instead! 

Packing your car for moving can be a challenge. After all, it can only fit so many items. Hence, it is best to have a concise plan before you start packing stuff into your car. 

To help you get ready for your moving day, below are 7 useful tips for packing a car with limited space when moving!

Organize Your Items

The very first step you’ll need to do before you pack your items is to sort out everything. From clothes, electronics, and furniture to fragile items, have them neatly separated. Once done, figure out which belongings you want to keep in your car and which will be stored in the moving truck. This will help you get an idea of how you will maximize the space in your car.

It is best to have your electronics, clothes and other valuables with you. This way, you can easily reach your important stuff without the need to check the moving truck during your trip.

Clean Your Car Before Packing

Since you will be using your car for moving, make sure to clean it first before you stack your items inside. You wouldn’t want to use a dusty or dirty car since the drive will only make you uncomfortable. Moreover, if your car is tidy, the long trip won’t be as dreadful and as risky.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the back seats and the front seats. Keep your car windows clear. Check the trunk as well, and free up space from unnecessary items. After you have entirely tidied things up, it will become easier for you to fit your belongings inside!

Use Small Boxes For Packing

Do not use large cardboard boxes for items you want to pack in your car. Again, you have limited space in your car and you wouldn’t want those large boxes taking up all the space. If you plan to pack items like books or electronics in your car, use small cardboard boxes instead. 

Using small boxes for packing will also save you a lot of energy because it is easier to move. If you don’t have any small boxes, bags are one thing you can use.

Use Bags for Bedding and Clothes

Bedding and clothes can take up a lot of space when stored in cardboard boxes. So, if you want to maximize the space in your vehicle, you can keep your clothes in clean plastic bags or garbage bags. You may even use shopping bags if you have some on hand!

For thick beddings, get vacuum storage bags so you can keep it in the trunk or the overhead carrier. Vacuum bags are cheap and effective in shrinking plump items creating more room for storage. If you want to purchase these vacuum bags, you can ask your moving company.

Pack Essential Items First

The trip to your new home can be unpredictable, so make sure to pack essential items with you. These items can be food, medicine, extra cash, and your phone. Since these are just small items, you can keep them in your car’s compartment or use separate bags. This step is crucial, especially if you are planning a long-distance trip.

Consider Getting An Overhead Carrier

An overhead carrier is useful to make more room in your vehicle. This is one of the best solutions so that you won’t have to fit everything inside your car! With this, you can guarantee that all your stuff has room for storage. There is a wide selection of overhead carriers to choose from. If you want to secure your things from the unpredictable weather, a hard-shell carrier may be the best choice.

Make Use Of Every Inch Of Available Space Inside Your Car

Your vehicle has a lot of small areas that may be used as storage. From its bottle holder and the trunk to under the front seats, you can find new ways to store your things. There is also the space around the spare tire that is perfect for keeping some of your items. Since cars are smaller compared to rental trucks, you have to make use of every inch of available space.

If you are moving alone, you can place your things in the back seat. Just make sure they are secure enough to stay in place even when the car makes sudden movements. Also, remember not to block your view of the road.

Do Not Overload Your Car 

Your vehicle has a limit on how much it can take, so be sure to keep these restrictions in mind. Doing so will help you ensure that you do not damage your car and avoid any potential accidents. 

Items such as furniture, appliances, and even kitchen wares should not be packed in your car. No matter how much you want to use all the space in your vehicle, your safety should still be your top priority.

Consider Caravan Storage Solutions

If you’re moving and also have a caravan, it’s essential to think about how you’ll pack and store items in it. Caravans, much like cars, have limited space, and maximizing that space is crucial. For those looking for innovative storage solutions for their caravan, check out these Top 10 Caravan Storage Ideas. These tips can help you efficiently utilize every nook and cranny of your caravan, ensuring a smoother moving experience.

Drive Safely, Get Insurance and Install a Dashcam

It’s always a good idea to drive safely and get insurance before you move with your car. You don’t want any of those important valuables in the vehicle getting damaged during transport, so make sure that they are secure from theft or damage through accidents like crashing into things on the road (or each other). Installing a dashcam can also help protect against claims if there is an issue after moving day!

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