How To Move A Garden Shed

how to move a garden shed

Sheds are essential features of our garden or yard. It can serve as a storage space for our gardening tools, a playhouse, a studio, or even an office. Sheds are useful and multi-functional, making it an essential part of our home.

That is why when relocating homes, it is no surprise that you would want to move your shed to your new location as well. By doing so, you won’t have to build or purchase a new shed at your new place. 

You may think moving a shed will require you to disassemble the entire thing, but not to worry! You can quickly move your shed without the hassle of disassembling everything. However, there are several steps that you must do to get the job done. Need a guide on how to move a garden shed? We got you covered! In this article, we offer you excellent tips on moving a shed to your new home. If you’re looking to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space, be sure to also check out Retaining Wall Supplies selection of landscaping products.

Make Sure To Empty Your Garden Shed

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First, remove and organise all your things inside the shed. This way, the weight of the shed will become lighter and lifting it is possible. Additionally, when you empty your garden shed, you are ensured that none of your items will be at risk of getting damaged or lost. If possible, you can also remove the window of your garden shed as an extra precaution. But if your garden shed is bigger in size or has a roller shutter instead of a wooden door, it would be much more difficult to move the shed by hand.

While clearing the contents of your garden shed, you would also want to take the opportunity to sort out your belongings and declutter. By doing so, you will be minimising the number of items you’ll be taking with you and probably even reduce your moving costs.

Clear The Site Of Your Shed

Once you have all your items in the shed, make sure to clear the site to avoid accidents. This is crucial to eliminate any chances of getting hurt when you lift the shed. Moreover, this will help you get an idea of the direction you want the shed to be moved.

Secure The Shed Structure

Sheds are usually made out of wood; that is why it is easier to move. However, before you start moving the shed, you should check if it is sturdy enough to be lifted and moved. Sheds are quite stable when on the ground but not when it is being shifted consistently.

Check the roof, window frames, bolts, and each side of the shed. From there, you can find if any part of the shed is flimsy. Doing this lets you immediately take action and ensure the shed is stable and sturdy before lifting it off the ground.

Ask For Help From A Friend Or A Family Member

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Moving your shed is not something you can do on your own due to its weight. That is why we suggest that you ask someone for help!  The task of moving a shed will require the physical capabilities of around three or four people.  All you’ll have to do is treat them to some food and some booze, and you should be alright.

Prepare The Tools You Will Need

Before you move on, make sure that you have all the tools including lawn mowers you will need for moving a shed. These tools will depend on how you want to move your shed so you won’t have to get everything.

Below are the things you will need for this move:

  • PVC Pipes or Moving Rollers
  • Floor Jack
  • Shovel
  • Nylon Rope
  • Trailer/ Car

When you have all the necessary tools, you can now start moving your shed!

Lift The Shed

Now that you have successfully fulfilled the steps above, you can now start on this next one! Use your shovel to dig four holes on the ground under the shed and place a floor jack under it to lift it. While lifting it, check the space above to prevent the roof from hitting anything over it. However, if the site of the shed is concrete, you can skip the digging and tip the shed on the side to place the jack underneath it.

Once the floor jack is placed below, jack it up until it reaches the necessary height. After, have lumber to hold up the one end before moving on to the other ends. You will have to do this four times on the front and back, to have your shed in a stable position.

Move The Shed

There are many ways you may choose to move your shed. This is because garden sheds vary in size and materials, and sometimes, location.

So, here are the following tips on how you can move a shed:

Move The Shed By Hand

This first step is one typical technique used by people who will move to a close location. Moreover, if you own a small shed with a size of 8 x 8 or even smaller, this technique is also useful! After you lift the shed, you can ask people to carry one end of the shed and move it to your new house.

Move The Shed With PVC Pipes

Once you have lifted the shed, carefully slide the 4 PVC pipe under the wooden shed to act as a conveyor belt. You will have to push the shed in one direction slowly. As you’re moving a shed, there will be a pipe coming out at the end which you will carry to the front position. Then, you will repeat this step until you reach the new location.

With this, you can quickly push the shed in any direction. Using PVC pipes can make moving easier since these materials are strong and inexpensive.

Move The Shed With A Trailer

This way of moving a shed to your new home is highly effective if you are moving to a faraway place. If jacking the shed up to slide it onto the trailer won’t work, use the trailer’s ramp and carefully push, pull and lift the garden shed to have it in place.

The shed should be in the middle of the trailer and should be securely strapped with a nylon rope. Finally, you can cover it up with a tarp for added security. This way, you can now move a shed safely anywhere.

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Consider Hiring A Removals Company or a Man and Van for the Job

Moving a shed from one location to another is not an easy task. If you find yourself having a hard time, get professional movers to assist you. With professional removals companies on the job, you can trust that almost nothing will go wrong! After all, they will have the necessary experience and tools to carry out the job as efficiently as possible. Here are some more things you would want to know about moving companies. 


WhatManandVan is partnered with some of the best moving companies in your area. With that, you are given a wide array of efficient options to make your relocation process more convenient.  Meanwhile, if you are planning on taking your garden plants with you, here’s a guide on moving houses with plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emptying the garden shed ensures that the weight of the shed is reduced, making it easier to lift and move. Additionally, removing items from the shed minimizes the risk of damage or loss to your belongings during the moving process.

Some of the necessary tools for moving a shed include PVC Pipes or Moving Rollers, a Floor Jack, Shovel, Nylon Rope, and a Trailer or Car. These tools will aid in the safe and efficient relocation of the shed.

Absolutely! If you find the task of moving the shed challenging, consider hiring a professional removals company or a man and van service. They have the necessary experience and tools to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation.


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