Let Others do the Dirty Job: Why You Should Outsource House Cleaning When Moving Out

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Most end-of-tenancy terms clearly state that a tenant should clean their leased property before surrendering it back to their landlord. Despite this, though, 26 per cent of deposit disputes in 2020 have resulted from insufficient cleaning. That means it’s more common than disputes resulting from property damage and redecoration! However, because getting back your deposit check is essential, it is in your best interest to avoid these kinds of disputes. Moreover, this is something you wouldn’t want to deal with right before starting your life at a new location. If you are moving to or within the UK, check out our collection of City Guides here!

Whether or not third party end of tenancy cleaning is stipulated in your house contract, though, you might want to consider making sure your rental property is just as clean as it was when you found it. You may be thinking, “On top of packing my stuff and planning out my move, I don’t think I have sufficient time and energy to clean the house before moving out!” Well, you don’t have to worry! After all, house cleaning services exist. Hiring house cleaning services when moving out may just be a better option for you. Do not forget to add “Hire professional cleaning services” on your Moving House Checklist. To help convince you of the fact, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why hiring a house cleaning service is beneficial for you.

Benefits of Hiring House Cleaning Services Before You Move Out

There are many reasons as to why it is ideal for you to hire a professional house cleaning service to perform the end-of-tenancy cleaning in your rental property on your behalf. Here are some of them:

Ensures That Your End-of-tenancy Cleaning Checklist Is Fulfilled


Make sure that you get an end of tenancy inventory checklist from your landlord. This will be the basis of whether or not you’re getting back your full deposit. By hiring cleaning services, you will be sure that all the points and standards set by the inventory checklist will be fulfilled.

Having someone help you check out these boxes is important, especially when you have a pet. After all, our furry friends often get into spaces we normally would neglect or forget to check. Meanwhile, here are some tips for Moving House With A Pet.

Saves You Time

A deep cleaning job is no joke. It will require full commitment and time from your end. You will have to check every nook and cranny of your property to check for spaces that need a special type of cleaning like grease and oil spatters in the kitchen, dirt build-up, and other stains. This entails moving furniture around and setting aside time that you can use for packing and preparing for your move. This might not be possible if you are preparing for the big move while also juggling other obligations you may have. However, when you hire professional cleaning services, you will have a team who can do all the work for you, fulfil the standards set in your inventory checklist, and do it all in a short amount of time.

Saves you money money

If you decide to do the deep cleaning on your own and your landlord is not satisfied, they will surely hire and pay for professional end-of-lease cleaners with your deposit. To avoid this, make sure to look for a trustworthy third-party cleaning service that will fulfil all the points in your moving-out cleaning checklist without hurting your budget. Moreover, with third-party cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about purchasing cleaning tools and products anymore. All you have to prepare and provide is a cleaning checklist that needs to be fulfilled, and they’ll do the dirty job for you!

Simplifies your moving out process moving house relaxed

A good cleaning company will do a thorough job of deep-cleaning your old home that will surely please your landlord. With their help, you can make sure that you can simply leave your rental property without fuss or any issues on moving day. Can you imagine the hassle of having to go back, negotiate, and deal with a tenancy deposit dispute when you can avoid it altogether by hiring a professional cleaning service from the get-go? No, thank you!

Lessen the Pressure of Moving by Outsourcing The Help! man and van

Preparing for a move could be a very overwhelming and tedious process. Cleaning your old rental place and reverting it to its initial condition with the help of a professional cleaning service provider is only the tip of the iceberg. So, make sure to prioritise yourself during the entire moving process by acknowledging that you simply cannot do everything on your own. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you asking for help! Avoid overwhelming yourself by outsourcing help wherever you can. Aside from professional cleaning services, you may also look into hiring professional removal companies who can help you pack, move, unpack, and arrange your belongings to help ease the stress that comes with moving house!

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