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Start your Chester relocation adventure with our expert man and van services, carefully crafted to suit the unique charm of this celebrated Chester area. We’re more than just service providers; we’re passionate about the Chester way of life and dedicated to offering moving solutions that blend with the grace of this prestigious region and are tailored to your requirements.

Imagine beginning a new chapter in a delightful home nestled in the quiet suburbs of Chester, moving to a contemporary flat in the lively centre of the town, or relishing tranquil strolls in the vast, verdant expanses of Tatton Park, showcasing Chester’s ideal balance of city refinement and countryside appeal. Our team, deeply rooted in the local community, ensures your move is as smooth and reassuring as a relaxed afternoon in the scenic Chester countryside.

Our expertise extends beyond simply navigating Chester’s roads. We capture the spirit of this community, adeptly handling the distinctive aspects and pleasures of moving within this captivating county. From skilfully maneuvering through Chester’s historic lanes to thoughtfully planning around the bustling Chester Oaks Designer Outlet or guaranteeing easy access in dynamic areas like Wilmslow High Street, we’ve meticulously considered every aspect.

We also offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the diverse life rhythm in Chester, ensuring our services align seamlessly with your schedule. In a county as culturally vibrant and visually breathtaking as Chester, we aim to make your moving experience as delightful and memorable as discovering the county’s charming shops, Victorian architecture, and beautiful parks. Opt for our man and van service for your Chester move, and anticipate a journey as enriching as the county!

Why Book A Man and Van With Us?

As your leading moving partner in Chester, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality, safety, and value for money, ensuring your move is efficient and hassle-free. Here’s how we enhance the effectiveness of your relocation:

Efficient Online Booking System

Our user-friendly online booking system allows you to search effortlessly and book man and van services in Chester, streamlining your moving process for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Clear, Competitive Pricing

With us, you’ll find transparent and reasonable pricing. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective moving solutions in Chester, striking the right balance between affordability, high-quality service, and dependability.

High Professional Standards

We ensure that our service providers in Chester are carefully chosen, fully insured, and adhere to the highest professionalism and safety standards.

Comprehensive, Reliable Moving Services

In Chester, we offer a broad range of moving services to cater to all needs, from expert packing to secure storage solutions. Your possessions are handled carefully and precisely, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free move.

Exceptional Customer Support

We take pride in our effective and attentive customer service. For professional guidance, call us at 0800 161 5562 or email

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How Our Man and Van Service Works

Here’s how we can assist you in finding a man and van without any hassle:

  • Step 1: Specify Your Moving Details

    Start by sharing the specifics of your move with us. This includes a list of items you’re relocating, the pick-up and delivery addresses, and your preferred date and time for the move.

  • Step 2: Obtain Personalised Quotes

    Upon receiving your information, we’ll connect you with various man and van providers in Chester. Each will offer a quote tailored to your specific moving requirements.

  • Step 3: Choose and Confirm Your Service

    Review and compare the quotes received. Once you find the service that best meets your needs, confirm your booking with your selected man and van provider in Chester.

Available Man and Van Services

Whether you’re moving your home, office, or student accommodation, need to dispose of waste, or transport single items, we’ve got you covered. Our partner drivers in Chester offer a range of services, including:

Two men in yellow and teal uniforms loading boxes into a van parked in front of a red brick building with a gate and potted plants, filled with house furniture under a sunburst sky. House Removals

Professional home removal services, for smooth transition to your new house, flat, or apartment.

Person-in-teal-and-yellow-overalls-sealing-cardboard-boxes-in-office-setting-with-blue-tape-dispenser, black-and-blue-office-chairs-and-white-bookshelf-in-background Office Removals

Expert services for relocating offices with minimal downtime.

Two people in teal and yellow uniforms carrying a white sofa towards a van loaded with boxes and furniture, parked on a street with buildings in the background. Furniture and Appliances

Safe and secure transportation of your valuable and fragile items.

Man in teal and yellow clothing facing a filled storage unit with a blue roller door, number '276', filled with boxes, a plant, a monitor, and miscellaneous items on a concrete floor and corrugated metal walls Self-Storage Move-ins

Hassle-free moving services for your storage needs.

Low angle view of a pile of haphazardly stacked wooden pallets and neatly arranged cardboard boxes with red writing in a dimly lit warehouse with a metal roof and hanging white objects Rubbish Clearance

Efficient removal and disposal of unwanted items.

Relocation Experts in Action - Safely Handling a Wrapped Armchair Packing Services

Expert packing services for secure and organised moves.

Reviews from our satisfied customers about their Man and Van experiences

We believe in transparency. Check out genuine customer reviews for each service provider. Make an informed decision based on the real-world experiences of customers like you.

11 months ago Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! My move from my rental flat to the Croydon home I purchased was smooth and efficient thanks to the company WhatManAndVan connected me to. They were professional and took great care of my belongings. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a good moving company. Thank you!
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9 months ago Not bad at all!

Our home in Harrow has become too small for me, my wife, and our three toddlers. So, we decided to move to a bigger place a couple blocks away. Soon after locking that down, we decided to hire movers to help us with our stuff. With our limited budget, though, a removals company was out of the question, so we decided to hire a van service through whatmanandvan. One of the men with vans we got matched with offered affordable prices and provided insanely efficient services! Really happy with this!!
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9 months ago Great!

These guys are great! We got to move from one flat to Glasgow and and it was easy. Lucky for us, we stumbled onto whatmanandvan, and they turned out to be fantastic. We received calls from four companies. Can't believe it's that quick. Would recommend it to friends and family.
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9 months ago Can't believe it was that easy!

There are two things in the world I was sure of: Moving house is the most stressful thing you can do, and I am not a morning person. I was wrong. Moving house is, in fact, easy when you have the right team to help you. I hired a man with a van through WhatManAndVan, and boy am I glad that I did! They were able to move everything I needed in just a few hours, and at an incredibly reasonable price. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle-free move. Still not a morning person, though.
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9 months ago Thank you What Man and Van!

I needed to move some large and heavy pieces of furniture from my house in Hounslow to my new place in Enfield. I was worried about not finding a company that could do it efficiently and without breaking the bank. But WhatManAndVan put me in touch with a great company that did an amazing job! They were very careful with my belongings and managed to get the job done quickly and affordably.
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1 year ago Oversized item delivery

I needed someone to help me move an oversized couch from my house in Fulham to my office in Chelsea. I found a great company through WhatManAndVan and they did an amazing job! The driver was very careful with the item and he made sure it was delivered safely.
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Cost of Hiring A Man and Van in Chester

When organising a move in Chester and considering a man and van service, it’s crucial to understand the factors that affect the cost. The primary elements that typically influence pricing are:

  • Van Size
  • Move Distance
  • Quantity of Items

Bear these factors in mind while budgeting for your Chester relocation. They will assist you in forming a more precise estimate of the total cost and efficiently plan your move.

Saving on Man and Van Services in Chester

  • Advance Booking: Secure your move early to benefit from more competitive rates. Choosing to move during less busy periods and avoiding high-demand times can also contribute to cost savings.
  • Quote Comparison: Take the time to gather and review quotes from various man and van services in Chester. This will help you identify the most suitable deal that aligns with your moving requirements and budget.
  • Minimise Items: Cut down on your moving costs by reducing the number of items you need to transport. Consider selling, donating, or disposing of items that are no longer essential.
  • Pack Yourself: Reduce expenses by packing your items on your own. If possible, look into self-loading options, which can further decrease costs, especially if you’re prepared to handle some of the physical work involved in the move.
  • Seek Out Discounts: Don’t hesitate to ask about potential discounts. These could include reduced rates for students, more affordable prices for weekday relocations, or special offers for smaller-scale moves.

Compare Cheaper Man and Van Companies in Chester

  • Roy Jacks Removals Limited -logo
    Roy Jacks Removals Limited

    Roy Jacks Removals Limited is a UK based moving company near to Spike Island along Victoria Park along Pickering's Pasture.

Available Van Sizes for Your Move

With a diverse range of partners on our platform, you will find one who can accommodate the size and volume of the items you need to transport to Chester. If you're unsure about van sizes, here’s a quick guide:

Small MWB Van
  • Price Range in the UK: £30 to £55/hr.
  • Vans of this size can typically fit 30-40 Boxes of various sizes, luggage for 2 people or the contents of a one-bedroom home.
  • Van Size of 2.4m x 1.7m x 1.4m.
Medium LWB Van
  • Price Range in the UK: £35 to £60/hr.
  • Vans of this size can typically carry 50-60 Boxes of various sizes or the contents of a 1-2 bedroom flat/small office.
  • Van size of 3.4m x 1.7m x 1.7m.
Large Luton Van
  • Price Range in the UK: £40 to £65/hr.
  • Vans of this size can typically carry at least 60 boxes of various sizes, or the contents of a 2-bedroom flat/medium-sized office.
  • Van size of 4.0m x 2.0m x 2.2m.

Areas We Cover

Our man and van services extend beyond Chester  to cover a wide range of locations across the UK. Whether you’re moving within the city or relocating to a different part of the country, we’ve got you covered. We also serve a number of locations in and around Chester, including:

Nearby Locations

Popular Locations

Find a Man and Van Service

FAQs About Man and Van Services

We’re here to address all your inquiries, so we’ve gathered responses to some frequently asked questions from our Chester man and van clientele.

Our service extends across Chester, including the town centre, surrounding suburbs, and the wider Essex region. We facilitate moves within the city and to and from distant locations, offering an extensive network of service providers.

Yes, we can accommodate last-minute moves depending on availability. While booking is recommended, especially during peak times, we endeavor to fulfill urgent moving requests.

Our service covers a wide range of household items, but we do not transport hazardous materials, illegal substances, and certain perishables. For special items like pianos or oversized artwork, please mention these when requesting a quote.

The cost is determined by factors such as van size, move distance, quantity of items, and additional services like packing or furniture assembly. Our platform allows you to receive and compare tailored quotes for your moving needs.

Yes, our affiliated man and van services include insurance for items during transit. Coverage specifics and limits can vary, so it’s advisable to check the insurance details in the quotes or contact the service provider for comprehensive information.

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