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  • Jemma Anderson 2 months ago

    I would highly recommend! From start to finish the service was excellent, very reassuring to have someone actually look at what you have to move and plan what is needed for a smooth move on the day. Other quotes fully relied on me giving the correct information, so any mistakes could have caused issues on the day. The guys who came to load up my belongings were lovely, super efficient and very careful. The same with the guys who came to unload, who also double checked where to put things so I could focus on unpacking boxes. Even with a couple of hiccups, they were very patient and positive about getting things sorted. They made the process of moving the least stressful part!

  • Kate Napier 4 months ago

    Outstanding service from Sue and Nicola in the office, organising our move, and then incredible removal men Aaron and Matt did a fantastic job moving us from Maidenhead to Folkestone. Honestly blown away by their speed and efficiency whilst taking excellent care of our possessions. I would recommend Wilkins Henley 100% for any move - outstanding company.

  • Nicola Blair 8 months ago

    My mother recently sold her house in Henley and moved to my sister's home in Sussex. Being elderly and owning many valuable antiques and treasured possessions she was very anxious about the moving days. Luckily she employed Wilkins to manage the move as the staff were super, couldn't be more helpful and her home was transported across the country with care.

  • Roger Grant 10 months ago

    Wilkins are a very professional and competent Removals and storage company. We have moved with them twice in the last 10 years the first time with storage for a transition period. Wilkins are well versed at making moving as painless as possible. Their people are alway helpful and accommodating. I would highly recommend them based on our Experience. The Grants of Henley and Bourne End.

  • John Measures 10 months ago

    Wilkins excel in all departments. Their fantastic team relocated our household from Southern England to Wales smoothly, efficiently, and courteously. I wholeheartedly recommend them

  • Tina Measures 11 months ago

    What an amazing company! Moving can be very stressful but the team from Wilkins were truly exceptional! From the home visit to do the quote through to the delivery in Wales the team were professional and were even fun to be around! Thank you!

  • Robert Price 1 year ago

    I really wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to Wilkins (Henley) Ltd for the outstanding job that Mike and Paul did on the 19th April, the way in which they handled each and every item with such care and attention was truly impressive, I have had such bad experiences in the past but this was the most professional I have ever seen. I cannot thank them both enough for making the move of my goods to store a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend Wilkins (Henley) Ltd enough, at every stage from my initial enquiry to Mike attending to carry out the quote it has been the best experience I have ever had and I am truly grateful to you all.

  • Kate Turner 1 year ago

    I cannot recommend Wilkins highly enough. They were extremely accommodating over holding dates for us during a tricky exchange, and the removal team were truly amazing. They moved us over several days during the heatwave with good will and humour, in difficult conditions. They took good care of our belongings, and managed some heavy pieces of furniture up a wooden spiral staircase. Thank you!

  • Builders Beams4U 2 years ago

    We use Wilkins for storage, the guys there are always friendly and helpful. Thumbs up all-round.

  • Rob Moulds 2 years ago

    The team from the office staff to the guys doing the moving were all very professional and we had confidence in them. A few troublesome moves of furniture up the stairs where undertaken without issue and with care. Highly recommend

  • Anna King 2 years ago

    Just wanted to make a huge recommendation for all the team at Wilkins Removals

  • stephen howell 2 years ago

    Be absolutely sure you have a confirmed move date before you pay this company any money. I only had a provisional move date, and explained this, nevertheless they requested a deposit to hold those provisional dates, then when the provisional dates were 15 days away they called me to say i needed to pay in full, i explained that those dates were still not confirmed, but they still insisted on a payment in full. I paid, then just 24 hours later i confirmed those penciled in dates will not go ahead, and i didn't yet have alternative dates. They told me that in their small print it states there is a charge for changing dates... even though i had been very clear these dates were never confirmed. The charge was £500. They did reduce the penalty rate for me, but it was still a few hundred £'s, which is a tough swallow on top of all the other costs involved with a move. I decided to cancel and get a refund and book with another company with more flexibility, I was not refunded in full, they still deducted the penalty fee. If you are going to use this company, please please please read the small print, do not pay them a penny until you have a confirmed those dates.

  • We were so impressed with Wilkins. We used them due to recommendation from family and were not at all disappointed. They picked up our furniture and boxes in Essex to take to storage, was no hassle at all and they treated our property respectfully. The guy carried a whole cooker down a flight of stairs by himself!!! Everything was gently packed away and stored, no complaints at all. The communication with the office and speed of response was excellent. They charge quarterly for storage but we wanted to pay monthly and it was no hassle at all. The money for furniture being delivered in Oxfordshire when we removed it from storage 7 months later was partially credited back, as we overpaid paying for the storage for the month. Some of the horror stories we've heard from close friends and family about other movers breaking things and items "mysteriously disappearing" - didn't at all have any concerns with Wilkins, it was all perfect, relieved a load of stress during a stressful move and we would highly recommend.

  • Richard Stone 2 years ago

    Wilkins moved our house contents to storage and then, 8 weeks later, from storage to our new house. I didn't feel they were better value than others but they did have availability for the initial move to storage when we needed it. We had to give 3 weeks notice to move out of store but we still didn't get a date we wanted, but we fixed a date anyway. We then faced a nervous period hoping that completion on our new house happened before the move from storage - which thankfully it did. The guys doing the moves were very competent and friendly and the physical operations were completed with no mishaps. The back-office processes were a little flaky and I did have to check and query one of the invoices. Overall it was a good service and the office was easily to contact.

  • Chris Norris 4 years ago

    Excellent. Cannot fault the service this morning that collect a load of self packed items for long term storage. Brilliant friendly staff. A 5 star experience.

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