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VanOne is the most popular choice for European removals in the UK. Our international mover prices are low because we only include a one-way journey in our costs. Our service is stripped right to the basics and cutting out all the fuss and frills.


  • Larissa Clark 1 year ago

    Fantastic experience from the first enquiry to the safe international delivery of our house contents from Oslo to London. Great value, brilliant customer service. 5 stars!!

  • David Marro 1 year ago

    I definitely recommend VanOne as removal service. I moved from the NL to Italy. I was a bit concerned about it because I’ve seen some bad reviews but really I can’t find anything negative. Driver arrived perfectly on time , he was very nice to help me collecting everything (Rafal) . Perfect and quick communication with Leona, she was always available to help me with everything I needed. Driver also arrived perfectly on time at the delivery address! I’ve riceived a message and a call a couple of hours before the delivery time. I will use again VanOne as removal service. They really take care of your goods! Thank you again!

  • Jack Gardner 1 year ago

    Do not trust these guys with your possessions, trust me. The drivers turned up and couldn't speak a single word of English. Their vans were already full of stuff that they started dumping at the side of the road. Their vans were not fit for purpose and were already damp. I called to cancel (as I couldn't speak to the drivers) and it turns out they couldn't communicate with the drivers either. I had to call my Polish mate to tell the drivers to leave. It was so stressful, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Moving is stressful enough, believe me you do not want this additional stress. Please use any other company. They did not even return my £960 deposit and have refused to communicate with me since I cancelled. SCAM. AVOID.

  • We just moved our 2bed London flat to Germany. The team at VanOne were absolutely fantastic to deal with. Leona was super responsive, helpful, and clear with her communication, and the driver Gabi was a lovely gentleman who was also very helpful! They have an excellent portal with which they provide documentation that you need, and you then upload the completed documents to. I found this super. The 15cm3 was picked to at 11am, and delivered in Frankfurt at 8 the next morning. The price was also great! I absolutely recommend VanOne and would definitely use them again!!

  • I'm so happy with this moving service. Lennart was in charge of the logistics and was awesome, the communication all the time is great. I did a moving from London to Madrid. They picked up everything on Friday evening and delivered on Sunday. Very quick and all the items arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend this service and will use it in the future if I need it. Thanks to all the team and the driver who help me a lot as well.

  • RobVal Butler 1 year ago

    We moved 10m3 of personal belongings from Italy to E.Sussex. We were kept informed throughout by the the logistics team which was very helpful and we would like to thank Lennart in particular who was excellent. The driver arrived at the expected time and helped with loading and although we understand that there was some problem with customs delivery was still on the day expected. Unlike some of the reviews the tracking app worked for us and we were able follow the van which we found very useful. The weather on the day of deliver was awful but the driver was really solicitous in making sure that the furniture and boxes were kept as dry as possible when unloading. If anyone gets Hakim as their driver they will be be fortunate. Overall we were very pleased with the service from beginning to end

  • Henry Hunter 1 year ago

    I am glad about their service. I got a helpful driver who did the job well. He helped me to load my belongings and even unload them. In general, a great service.

  • George 1 year ago

    Booked a 10m3 van that arrived in France already full! We had to squeeze our belongings in and around the turbine blades, do they think all of our belongings are sand that can fit in and around everything else. The driver was a very helpful guy loading and unloading (he spoke no English and looked exhausted, he looked like he slept in the van) the company itself(Or the person in charge) seems unreliable and dishonest. The Van that arrived was a rough looking one, not at all what is advertised on there website. We rang the company when the Van arrived to ask why it was full and their response was, you ordered 10m3 and that's it. They demand to be payed in full online before the Van arrives.(No refunds). Concerned that we would lose the money we payed for it, we made jammed our stuff in. All of our belongings arrived in England with minor damage to some furniture.Very poor experience. I read all the reviews and researched fully before booking, I advise anyone to take note of the negative reviews strongly before considering. Honestly use another company! Avoid at all costs We were aware that the Van was shared 10m3 for us and 5m3 for the remainder. But filling the majority of the Van before we have even put our belongings in kind of takes the piss. Poor Company Update; In response to Vanones reply below, we were fully aware this was a shared van but this takes the piss. We booked an allocated 10m3 of space. This is not acceptable. Your reply really shows how poor the company really is. No remorse

  • Hannah Yates 1 year ago

    My valuable belongings arrived to the UK from France. I really appreciate their service. They responded quickly to my queries. The driver was courteous

  • Tyler Hammond 1 year ago

    Their prices are affordable compared to other removal services out there. The driver was polite. Overall, a very good service.

  • Jones H lola 1 year ago

    I received excellent service from VanOne. The entire process was very efficient and all my belongings arrived without any problems. My driver was helpful. He helped me with loading and unloading.

  • Fuliq Jefiq 1 year ago

    I relocated from the UK to Sweden. I am very happy with their service. My items arrived within a few days to my new place. It's easier to get in touch with them since they respond to customer inquiries quickly. Highly recommended.

  • Hayden Leach 1 year ago

    To be honest, I received a super class service from VanOne. They collected my furniture and other items on time and arrived in my new place within few days. No issues at all. I also want to say that driver was also helpful from the very beginning. I never hesitate to use their services again.

  • Eva Turnbull 1 year ago

    I got a proper idea of what they offer. Their website is informative. I am really thankful to the VanOne team for making my move stress free. Everything was planned well by the team. I was really happy because my items arrived quickly to the new destination. Highly recommended as a well experienced removal team.

  • sean sign 1 year ago

    VanOne can be considered as a good International mover. Once I placed my order, the team was extremely helpful in delivering the service. The driver arrived at the agreed time. My documents were also completed quickly. My move became easier because of them. Thank you for your support.

  • kahn misra 1 year ago

    I think their service is cheap. If anybody wants to move across Europe, I would recommend them . They are well experienced. The customer service team spoke to me politely and they were even prompt in doing their job. Paperwork was not complicated. The team did a great job. Thank you very much.

  • Their prices are considerably cheaper. There was a good coordination. The team was quick in answering to my questions. The driver was also professional .In general, a great service and worth choosing their services.

  • Benoit Gielly 2 years ago

    I can only recommend VanOne as your international movers. Not only they are the cheapest, but they are also really nice and always replied quickly to any of my queries. They really helped a lot during this very stressful process of moving country and it's almost unbelievable how everything went so smooth! The driver was really kind, and delivered my goods from London UK to South of France literally the day after picking them up. Everything was in perfect condition so thank you very much for your help!

  • Maddison Ryan 2 years ago

    I had chosen Vanone Service before as well. If you want a move without any hassle, choosing their service would be the best option. I moved from a flat in Sweden to a new house in the UK. What I loved the most was the team that handled my paperwork. They were quick and polite. Everything went super well. Thanks to the team.

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