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Experts in Italian removals Traslo Service has relocated to all parts of Italy, as well as the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and has the knowledge and experience to make your move to Italy a complete success! We have warehouses in Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Florence, and Bologna, and we move weekly from the UK to Italy. Our Italian staff can plan and organise every detail of your relocation to Italy. Is there a problem with access? It's no problem! Is it necessary to make a parking reservation in Italy? It's no problem! Our staff has extensive experience and knowledge of Italy and can assist you with any problems you may encounter. We can help with small changes or a complete relocation to Italy. We can pick you up from anywhere in the United Kingdom and Europe. Traslo provides a professional, well-planned, and cost-effective moving service to suit your every need and budget.


  • Giulia Colli 1 year ago

    We moved half of a flat from London to Naples. Perfect service, the staff was super helpful, from when we first approached the company, through the process of putting together all the documents needed (which with Brexit can be complicated) to the very end. All quotes and costs were transparent and our stuff arrived safe and sound. I'd recommend this company over all the others we approached that didn't even take the time to explain what their quote included. A special thanks to Simone and Letizia who went above and beyond for us.

  • Super service and a good price. I was very pleased with all aspects of the service going from Spain to UK.

  • Arranged a move with Traslo Service, in touch with Stefano and Letizia. Absolutely pleased with the sales process and how the communication was handled. Responsive, reasonable and friendly. Something to consider as other people have done in the comments. If you book with 'Flexible Delivery' and you are on a schedule you may not get your belongings at the desired time. We weren't told this initially and that was a bit of a bummer. When Traslo delivered our items we were a few cbm over what we paid for but they took care of it, even-steven! Overall, would recommend Traslo Service. Having done 4 international moves, this one was quite... smooth!

  • I'd view this company like hiring a catapult: your goods will get there, but invariably damaged. It's likely true for other similar services. This company basically outsources the work to third-parties and communicates poorly with them. The couple that arrived on the day said no more than 800kg could be loaded onto the van (apparently it's a law in France); I'd made it clear (and clarified) with Traslo that our furniture etc. would be 1000kg. The gentlemen, fuming about the company (Traslo) that had hired him and their incompetence/negligence, then spent a good 30 minutes loudly cursing the Spanish loaders we'd hired, for their supposed laziness and ineptitude at loading his van. Gave them a tip as they drove off just so they wouldn't toss it all in the ocean, but one box, with camera equipment, went missing in transit anyhow. On a scale of possible things that might've happened, or furniture that might've been damaged (everything took a bit of a beating), I'd say we got lucky. On a positive note, they turned up on time and dropped the goods off at the scheduled time, albeit in a absurd hurry that led to everything having to be dumped on the driveway. I don't think there's a perfect way to move your life from one country to the other, save you driving the stuff yourself. Still, could've done without the abusive and belligerent driver at 8am in the morning, after a final long night of packing. To say the service is 'unprofessional' doesn't quite cut it.

  • Patrizia Amodio 2 years ago

    This is the third relocation with Traslo Service. They work in amazing way, supporting you in every step and working with very professional and kind moving clerk team. Well done Traslo! ;-) Patrizia & Luca

  • Sietse verhoog 2 years ago

    I contracted the services from Traslo for a move from The Netherlands to Italy. Overall a good experience for the price paid. The sales process is good, the scheduling (see below) ok, truck is good and the driver is friendly and professional. Some things to consider: if you are bounded to a schedule you will have a less good experience. Traslo cannot commit to a specific pickup time and estimation is shared only one day prior. If something happens it is communicated last minute prior to original pickup time. They do solve the issue and won’t let you down tough. Also on the arrival time same situation: there is an estimate but it is not accurate and only updated close to the originally communicated time which gives little space for adjustment.

  • Axel Moore 2 years ago

    I initially moved from the US to UK and had a poor experience and learned many lessons in this process that I did not want to repeat when moving from the UK to the US. I shopped around for quotes and what was included and found Traslo to be our best value (not the cheapest, not the most expensive). I valued their high customer satisfaction over a cheaper price. While they were very responsive throughout the process and I cannot blame them for my shipment taking 7 months to the day to get from door to door, I have some advice they should consider. First since this is COVID and it is no longer taking the normal 8-12 wks to ship across the Atlantic you need to update your shipping quote and customer guidance. If I had know this I would have restructured my shipment. We are well into COVID at this point so you must know that shipping times have increased substantially. My biggest gripe is that after all of this waiting and paying good money to move between countries I get landed with a bill that is for 'port congestion' and 'port handling'. This was never mentioned as a charge we would be responsible for and I don't see how the port being 'busy' is my problem. This is between the port and the shipping company. Anyway, for at move that cost $1,700 I was now told I had to pay an additional $408 to the agent on this side (US side). I was fuming and called and emailed everyone in the process telling them this was highly unacceptable. The story I kept being told is this has never happened before and so they have decided to split the charge equally among the container owners. First, I find this unlikely that it is a new charge or due to COVID (COVID has been a thing for a while now). Second, what they are essentially telling me, and while I am here today, is that they value the additional revenue/saving themselves a few dollars more than establishing a faithful customer base. So I am here today to return the favor and say this is not a worth while company and I am very disappoint in them. At an individual level, everyone at the company was pleasant, it is their policy that is bad.

  • Tiziana Marrocco 2 years ago

    These guys really know what they are doing!! We arranged to move furniture and other stuff from the South of Italy to Scotland and Traslo Service assisted us excellently from the A to Z. Everything was packed exceptionally well and made it to the destination in perfect shape, and timely and smootly. They are top quality professional and super nice. Our special kudos go to Simone Doneddu, who assisted us at the beginning, and Letizia Langiu, for her patience with our inexperience and questions

  • I called Traslo Service for my move from Paris to Milan. Simone and Letizia were super kind and open to find the best solution to fit my needs and the team responsible to carry and handle my belongings were precise and attentive. Big thank you!

  • Jon Garcia 2 years ago

    Very responsive team that organised a removal service (full truck + driver) from the UK to SPAIN. Very well organised service. Punctual driver and prompt responses from Traslo team in the UK. They organised for custom clearance documents as we were liable to pay custom duties. Thanks Stefano and Luca

  • Tiziana Gallo 2 years ago

    Professional, kind, very fast, the team was always available to answer my questions. Traslo is truly a unique and complete service. My move was just perfect. Absolutely recommended!

  • Tim Last 3 years ago

    Traslo Services moved my home furniture from Kent to Liguria in June 2021. The sales and coordination teams were extremely helpful, thoughtful, responsive and reasonable, with excellent English and Italian. The driver spoke very ,imitated English and Italian, though worked hard to load and unload furniture form the truck. Unfortunately, and in contravention of company policy, the driver chose to bring some personal items, which he placed on top of my property, causing minimal damage. Traslo were very reasonable, and reimbursed replacement cost immediately. If I were to repeat such a move, I would have no hesitation calling Luca and the team again.

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