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  • Sj Cass 1 year ago

    Spoke to a lady called lin and she went above and beyond to sort out my problem, she was an absolute credit to this company as the woman I spoke to before wasn't very professional or very nice at all, her customer service skills were shocking!! However lin made up for her callousness ( if it wasn't for her I would have gave 5 stars) The driver who collected was lovely too, Thank you guys for such speedy recovery of the skip

  • mail team 3 months ago

    With Tom White for 7 years now. The last two years, they have just gotten greedy and sucked up "overweight" money. We have called them many times, and emailed them, and they have ignored us. I have decided to quit and give them 3 months notice again after 7 years. No more recommendations for this company. Please stop copying and pasting replies to reviews, have this time to improve customer service to fix problems.

  • Chris Cross 6 months ago

    What was one of the BEST skip hire companies in the area is now probably the worst since being took over. Poorly trained drivers, non existent customer services. Company has totally gone down the pan. Used for over 30 years but will NEVER use again. AVOID THIS COWBOY OUTFIT as it’s no longer run by the Tom White family.

  • Duncan Horlor 10 months ago

    We have used them for many years both domestically and commercially. The service used to be great, but the biggest problem is when you try to leave. I decided not to renew and therefore sign the new contract last year and again this year, but they still insist on a 6 months notice period. They didn't count last years refusal as notice and I was too busy to chase it. If the contract has expired, then I can't see how this is legal. We are now 15 months in, after I originally tried to cancel and still have 3 months notice to go. I will never use this company again and will tell as many local business owners I can, to do the same. There are many alternative companies these days to use and all of the ones I've spoken to so far, offer a great saving against Tom White.

  • Lee Beckett 1 year ago

    Items other then the skip taken off my drive by driver, contacted the office driver denied it but he was the only one to visit the property that day according to my Ring security camera. I’ve just seen your reply but I can not reply to it, my review wasn’t to do with an over stacked skip (which it wasn’t) it was ref to a trolley Jack being stolen off my drive by your driver even though it wasn’t in the skip and even if he thought it was scrap why didn’t he take the bird table off the drive to?? Is it because the Jack is worth money even if it’s only scrap value!!

  • Irving Hill 2 years ago

    Have used them before and they were good but they have now been bought by Coventry City Council and have turned into typical council jobsworths. The driver turned up to collect the skip and deliver a new one and said that the skip was overloaded. He said that the skip had to be level but I have yet to see a skip on earth that goes back level. We sent the newly delivered skip back and got one from a different company. I ended up removing stuff from the Tom White skip. Never, ever, again. Think very carefully before buying a skip off these people. Look below at the other people who have said exactly the same thing. I wish I had checked here first.

  • Aras Huseyin 2 years ago

    Paid over £140 turned up to collect and the driver claimed that it was overloaded and started to throwing all this bags to drive way never ever use this company

  • Geoff Smith 2 years ago

    A driver from this company came to collect a skip from my property. He made no attempt to notify me of his presence and the began to recklessly throw bricks and pallets from the skip onto my drive. When challenged his response was both aggressive and intimidating. In an exchange of e-mails with the company at no time did they acknowledge his appalling attitude and no apology was forthcoming. As a consequence it is unlikely that I will use this company again.

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