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Real Man and Van Ltd. is a London-based removal company specialising in home removals, office removals, packing and unpacking for private and business customers within London and the UK. All our staff are highly-skilled professionals with rich experience in the field.

Real Man and Van can handle anything you might need help with. For long-distance moving, we can set a fixed rate, which will save you money. So do not hesitate and give us a call. We are looking forward to working for you.

We approach each removal individually, and thereby offer total flexibility. We always try our best to provide a customised service and to do everything we can to make your move as painless as possible.

Our Company: We have been providing quality house, flat, office and piano removals for years. We offer a wide range of services that are delivered by highly experienced and skilled members of our team. Our company is here to make removals simple.

Our Team: Each member of our team was hand-picked by the founder of Real Man and Van London, underwent a rigorous training programme and gained extensive practical experience in the field. Our team is here to make removals simple.

Our Vision: Our company is still growing, and we are constantly striving to expand and improve to meet the needs of our clients. We currently offer removal services both within and outside of London. Our vision is to make removals simple.

Your Needs: We understand that each client has individual needs and requires a different type of service. For this very reason, we approach each removal individually and offer a free visit from one of our surveyors prior to booking our services. This ensures that we can prepare a service that will fully satisfy your needs.


  • raymond Foote 2 years ago

    Pleased with Real man van service .! Job done ..

  • Coba Nguyen 2 years ago

    Its almost a year since we moved the house with the service offered by this company. Whenever I think of the experience we had with this company, I just wished I've never chosen it. We moved from London to Italy and had our tailor-made computer stolen. Tom knew about this and asked us to send him the rest of the money with the promise that he will compensate so we did and thats the decision that we regretted most until now. Soon after he received the money, he started showing his true colour. First of all, he never apologised for what happened to us. Secondly he tried to find every reason to refuse that one of his men or himself took it. He asked us to send all the invoices to him so he could claim the insurance but came back and said the cost to claim is worth more than our computer ( £1700 initial cost and it was 3yrs old but in excellent condition). Now thinking back, we believed that he might not have any insurance at the time or had it but took the compensation from the insurance and cut it off from us. We did think about bringing him to court but then our jobs are so busy with the move and new life at the new country so we let it pass by. However, we would like to share our experience to all of you who are consider using his service. When you choose a service, think about how they handle the situation when things go south as this is what distinguish a good business and a bad one. Try to read those had bad experience with the company and see how they handle it as it may happen to you. We did read it and noticed some ppl have item damaged but noone complained about missing items so we thought it may be ok. Price is a sensitive matter and it does affect most of us while choosing the service. I did regret for going to price rather than quality and this is thing that I still reminded myself today when I consider a service provider. So if you read until here and still want to go to his service then there are some tips you could use to limit your risk of having same experience as mine. - Ask him to send you full terms and conditions, especially claims term in case of missing or damaging items on arrival - What is the insurance policy and how to claim? how much can you claim? how long does it take to claim it? - Ask his men to sign on the paper of listed items being collect. You can use it as an evidence in case they don't deliver the item. - If you're planning to move abroad, ask for all the custom check paper work just like other business (other logistic companies ask it but this company didn't and its a big risk) I hope you will make a wise decision after reading this review and for this company, I will never use it again and will never recommend it to a single soul. P.S. this company is not in the checkatrade website or whatsoever, I called all the trading sites that he listed on his company but its all fake. Check it again before you book his service.

  • Very happy with their service. Was moving all our stuff from Uk to Slovakia. Was bit worried because there were 13 years of our lives in that car but all went well. No damage. Good communication, friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend!

  • I must praise the professionalism and speed of this service. In my case, it was the transport of 13 packages with a total weight of about 200 kg. I paid for the service in advance so I wouldn't have to sort anything later. The packages were picked up on Friday in the Czech Republic and on Sunday I had them with me at home in the UK in Liverpool. They pleasant and sympathetic gentlemen brought them, there was nothing to go to. Nothing was damaged, even though I had fragile things in my packages. I can only recommend Real Man and Van.

  • James Perrott 3 years ago

    Possibly the best experience I've had with a delivery company. Communication was excellent throughout and the handling was perfect. I would recommend to anyone.

  • Petra Čajková 3 years ago

    Only positive was that i actually received everything , but that is it. Absolutely not happy, I was not going on holiday, I had my whole life in those boxes I was moving and I do expect some good customer service, apology or at least people talking to me as even, and that was not it what so ever. It should not be so much stress and literally no proper communication, if I wouldn’t hunt down every time what is happening I would Never know that company is not even coming in the week of settled date. I am so sorry but I have never been through worse experience with company.

  • B ee 5 years ago

    As you can see the whole delivery was damaged! They gave my delivery to another company without informing me, they delivered at 11:30 pm on Sunday night without letting me know! I've had incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional emails conversation with the director of the company, not compensation at all. Avoid!!!

  • Gregoire Ponsoye 6 years ago

    I have been using Tomas and Mike service for my home and piano move. They both were super professional and efficient. They just get the job done, using all equipements needed to protect my belongings and are flexible to adapt to different type of houses. But more importantly they are trustworthy. Real Man & Van is well priced and a very good service overall. I strongly recommend it. best, Greg

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    14 Grange Road Sutton Greater London SM2 6RS