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Mr Bee removals values customer satisfaction. We're experienced in all types of removals and can provide a customised service. We move customers efficiently. Quick.

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Mr Bee Removals is a very dependable removal company with the goal of leaving our customers with a big smile on their faces at the end of the move. We have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in all types of removals within the industry, which has increased our capacity to provide a tailored package that meets the individual needs and requirements of our customers. We offer a stress-free move at our customers' convenience. We work on short notice and remain professional even under duress.


  • Lavinia Ciuta 1 year ago

    I recently had the pleasure of hiring Mr Bee Removals for my moving needs, and I must say, I was incredibly satisfied with their service. From start to finish, they demonstrated the utmost professionalism, and their rates were highly competitive in the market. Ali, the assigned mover, was an absolute delight to work with. He handled my boxes and belongings with utmost care, ensuring their safe transportation. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Bee Removals to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services.

  • Lover Tanuki 1 year ago

    They are such a fantastic movers. 2 guys came and helped us. ( it’s what I ordered) We had so much items no complaints. Very quick. Always so so so polite and lovely, smiling. That was such an amazing experience!!! They are really really really nice. We had some nice chat with these 2 guys . They were just so lovely and helpful. I thought they might need to drive 2-3 times? Because we had so much but NO. Somehow they managed to put everything in. I was so shocked and amazed!!! Amazing job Thank you I will100% recommend to our friends

  • Mimi Mendoza 1 year ago

    I had two lovely men helped me moved, I can’t say anything was damaged because all my baby furniture and mine arrived at my new address in one piece. I was very pleased and thankful with the two men on top of that they were very understanding with me and patient as they were harassed by my ex partner to leave his house I personally had a dramatic experience with my ex partner on the day but this two men stayed with me and kept me save on their van. Thank you for your support on they day! Very grateful!

  • Jack Miller 1 year ago

    I was going a full flat move out of London to the countryside and I had a strict deadline to be out of my property by and the team where amazing at meeting that. They arrived on time, did all packing we wanted and moved everything with ease in addition to bring all of there own boxes and bubble wrap. They where a really reasonable price also! Would recommend!

  • Vineetha u 1 year ago

    I moved from Hampshire to Yorkshire in August. Mr Bee Removal team were very responsible. Came at sharp time, communicated throughout very well, moved all the items without any hassle, no damage to any of the items moved, furniture dissembled and assembled in no time. Very efficient and friendly staff. Worth every penny. Their price was affordable and reasonable compared to other movers of the area. I would love to recommend Mr Bee Removals to others.

  • Emma Foran 1 year ago

    I had two wonderful super helpful men arrive today to help me move. They are so considerate and really helpful. I found it was really good value, they dismantled beds and wardrobes and then reassembled! Amazing service! Will honestly use these again!

  • Claire Hoadley 1 year ago

    Avoid!! Would give 0 stars if possible. Both movers were incredibly slow (they are paid hourly). Continuously caught them talking/smoking/hanging around instead of moving things. One of them seemed to have absolutely no experience of moving furniture/lifting things safely and carefully. Had to start moving things to get them going. They ruined a brand new mattress whilst moving. Requested when booking that they bring a mattress protector which they agreed to. They turned up without one and offered to wrap it in something else, but I then noticed before they closed the van that they had not bothered to do this. It was covered in grease marks. They caused extensive damage to walls of both properties, despite being asked to be careful. When moving into the property the job took 3.5 hours. When moving out (with significantly less things as we are down-sizing), it took 6 hours. Me and my partner have emailed our complaint with photographic evidence but no response after a week. My partner rang on a Friday to follow up and received an incredibly rude demand to 'call back on Monday' (shouted at him), despite ringing well within their advertised working hours. We have used various moving companies within London over the past few years and this is by far the worst. Please save your money and avoid.

  • It was a short notice but they were able to.come and do a beautiful job yesterday. Both boys are hardworking, polite and friendly. But I suggest 3 boys will be more helpful especially flats without lifts. Am really happy with the service and will call anytime I need it. Thanks

  • Matthew 1 year ago

    Booked us in for a move at late notice on a Sunday. Arrived on time, good lines of communication, very polite, friendly and funny!, got the job done and was the cheapest out of 5 quotes received. Highly recommend!

  • Gary Kakoullis 1 year ago

    Good friendly hardworking service. Everything removed safely to new home. Would definitely use again.

  • cristian manu 2 years ago

    Mr Bee Removals arrived 90 minutes without any communication They expected everything to be bubble wrapped including wardrobes and sofas etc Suddenly at the payment time they asked for Ulez and Congestion charge and they even wanted to charge for the time that you make the money transfer to them Finally, they made inappropriate comments to my wife when I wasn’t there… Absolutely disappointed, I would not use them even to move my doghouse

  • Super happy with Mr Bee removals. The team were very helpful, very efficient and did a great job. Will happily recommend and use them again.

  • anika choudhury 2 years ago

    This was a disaster of a service unfortunately. I will explain why I gave 2 stars and not 1. I had used Mr Bees last year and they were amazing(part of why I gave 2 stars). I wish I had left a review for the men then as my latest experience shocked me and the quality and service seems to have gone down. Or I just had a really bad experience. Last year I moved with my whole family with Mr Bees so a whole houses furniture was removed. We had payed for 5-6 hours for everything (including the exact furniture I moved again yesterday). They moved it within the 5 hours without a glitch, other than slightly damaging our American fridge (but we did have small doors). They disassembled and reassembled all my bedroom furniture and moved it perfectly. They also moved a lot of other furniture- including sofas, American fridge, dining table, more cupboards, etc. They did it very quickly and very professionally. THIS TIME, (a year later) it was just me and my husband moving, so we only had one bedrooms furniture to be moved (a bed, cupboard and chest of drawers- that’s it). That’s all that needed moving. They had to disassemble and reassemble the bed and cupboard. This had been done by the previous movers from mr bees. I decided to go with them again due to previous good experience. They did not take the 3 hours Mr Bee said it ‘should’ take (baring in mind it is only THREE items of furniture) They took 5 hours. However, after arguing with Mr Bee for half an hour on the phone, he did agree for me to pay for 4 hours which I did appreciate (another reason I have 2 star and not 1). However I did point out that last year a whole houses furniture was moved by their company within 5-6 hours, which Mr Bee did not believe, even though I told him I’d send him the booking. The men this time were very slow and unprofessional. Although they were very nice and hard working. They were kind and worked the whole time (another reason I gave 2 star and not 1). However you could tell they had no idea what they were doing when building the furniture. Me and my husband had to tell them what to do and where to put things a lot of the time. They also had to take things off and do it again because they did it wrong a couple of times. And finally they broke parts of my cupboard, built it wonky and left part of the inside unfinished because they didn’t know how to do it. I know ikea furniture can be flimsy when rebuilt but their building skills were really bad, they had no idea what they were doing even if theY were hard working. They need to hire more people who know how to build furniture like last years guys. I can’t believe it took them 5 hours for such a simple job. NEVER GOING WITH THEM AGAIN. I am so unbelievably disappointed. I don’t know if it was just these movers and we got the ones who don’t know how to do it or if this is how Mr Bees has turned. I have attached photos for proof.

  • GUNES SIMSEK 2 years ago

    Completely damaged miele washing machine. The price is not fixed. I had to pay additional £85 for 1 meter bubble wrap on tv and 2 boxes not requested. The price list has options depending the size of vehicle. They pushed me a larger van with a quarter of the van used up. The price they quote min 10 hours of work. They completed in 7 hours. Outraged!!!! As for your message replied....look at the photos. Did your removals collected it like this? The machine is heavily scratched. Your guys took the plugs out. You are reliable for comestic damage. The photos don't lie. Ask your removals how much addition fund they requested from me. Also you are breaching code of conduct as you have informed my location online without my consent. The service started good but ended with disappointment.

  • Mugambi Nandi 2 years ago

    Bob sent a smaller vehicle than would have been necessary given their online survey of the things that needed to be moved. He was quite unapologetic, shouting at me, and threatening to cancel the job. His solution was to make two trips, which of course meant more money for him (hourly rate) and waste of my fuel and time as I needed to make the two trips to give access and organise things on each end. Each trip was approximately 30 minutes, which added an hour of billed time. Bob was quite upset with his staff who was more understanding and who suggested I should ask him to send a bigger van. I will be reporting this matter to the Standards Board. They should have sent the correct van and taken responsibility for nearly messing my move. UPDATE after Bob's response: Bob did not send a bigger vehicle. He sent away the men who told me that the van was small for the move, lied to me that he was sending a bigger van, only to send a similar size van with different crew, thus adding to the wait. While it is true he initially offered an hour free, after the second trip he refused to honour that. I did not ask for or need a discount. I just wanted one trip as my time and fuel were being wasted while he got paid £60 for travel time he himself created. I was paying an hourly rate, not for the size of vehicle, which he was to determine based on the survey. The threats were his - to cancel the move. He said the calls were recorded. Perhaps he can play them back to jog him memory. No wonder his business is not a member of the industry association, which is why I shall be reporting the matter to the Trading Standards Board.

  • Nashwah Azam 2 years ago

    Friendly, professional service and great value for money. I want to especially praise Vijay Kumar and Sunny who helped us do the move this past weekend. They were incredibly patient, quick and responsive to our needs. Hands-down the easiest, stress-free move I've ever experienced. Will definitely recommend and use again if need be in the future.

  • Rebecca Jayne 2 years ago

    Fabulous! I wont be using any other remover after this. They were professional, polite, efficient and nothing was too much trouble. Made the whole process easy from start to finish. Great value for money too! The guys today were a credit to the company - amazing service! Thank you so much to all of you for making this move as easy as it was. Anyone who needs a remover I will be pointing them in your direction! Rebecca

  • Conrad Reyners 2 years ago

    Helped us with an urgent move of a one bedroom flat. The two man team was full of good humour, solutions and did a speedy job. We had a great experience.

  • Elihu Leeming 3 years ago

    Fantastic service from the quotation stage to day of the move. Thoroughly professional, efficient and helpful. The 2 people who did the actual move were absolute troopers! Very happy to recommend

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