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Golden Eagle Removals based in East London , London, for a quality removal company and delivery service. Our prompt, punctual, an well- presented staff are always on hand to give yout the very best in customer service. We take a great deal of pride in all work we do. A great deal of our business is through referrals, so we know the power of a reputation built on excellence.

Moving houses, flats, rooms Removal services on the territory of England and elsewhere. Our employees are well qualified. We use professional equipment to relocate large and small objects. We are always very carefull about handling Your things. Moving houses and flats is our speciality. Reliability and care is our motto. Moving warehouses Removal services on the territory of England and elsewhere. Moving a warehouse involves a large number of materials and objects to be transported. Usually there is also not enough time allocated for the removal, therefore, such operation requires good organisation and a lot of experience.

Proper equipment like transports carts, furniture belts and packing materials is also necessary. Moving offices and companies Removal services on the territory of England and elsewhere. Professionally planned removal, order, reliability, no stoppages and comfort that we offer to our clients is a good beginning. We move small companies with only a couple of workstations, but also bigger enterprises with hundreds of employees. Bigger, spacious office well influences the attitude of employees and changes create new opportunities!

Golden Eagle Removals offer the highest standard of logistics and transport services for both private individuals and corporate services, as well as cargo deliveries. With the ability to act swiftly and smoothly, we always have Your needs covered. Choose a company who knows how to get the job done. Look no further than us for all Your business removal needs. Get the new office off to the best possible start with our smooth efficient service. The team at Golden Eagle Removals ensure easy relocations with no stoppages and a maximum of comfort. From small offices to large enterprises with hundreds of staff, we cater to all.


  • JT Mark 1 year ago

    Amazing service from the Golden Eagle team! They were quick, efficient and friendly throughout and great price as well. Highly recommend if you need help moving!

  • Very efficient, friendly and amazing team. It is very rare to come across a company that is this well organised these days! I can’t see myself use anyone else in the future!

  • Joseph Malpas 1 year ago

    Professional and friendly service - they even fixed the broken lift in my building! Would definitely recommend and use again.

  • Marie Chardon 1 year ago

    I'm not one to leave reviews but this is it... I had to move just a few pieces to my new flat and went with the reviews on Google to make the decision to go with Golden Eagle Removals. I booked a one-man van for 2hrs as I didn't have much and don't mind helping out. I'm only giving 1 star because the negatives outweigh the positives (mainly the great driver). I'll start with the positives: they were quick at coming back with a quote that was good value for the job and the driver was a lovely and very helpful person. Negatives: Daniel asked me 3 times to change the agreed upon time the day before the move although it was booked and confirmed 9 days in advance. Moving is stressful enough, the back and forth was not welcomed. But we compromised, so not that big of a deal, they came at 11am instead of 1pm. The worst thing happened when the actual van broke down not even 2km away from my previous flat. The driver lost total control of the van and we had to park (as well as we could) and wait for help to come. It could have been way worst if the driver lost control on the motorway... The mechanic came after 45min and worked on the issue. He came fully prepared as, confirmed by both the mechanic and the driver, it was an issue Daniel was made aware of. The battery was depleting even though the van was moving. Turns out the van had no alternator. Like 0. Not even a bad one, just none. Daniel took responsibility when speaking to the driver that he knew of the issue raised previously by them but didn't fix it (I speak a little Polish and could understand this while they were conversing). The mechanic did an amazing job and got us back on track in 30-45min with a "quick fix" that would get us there. But the van needed to be more thoroughly checked on Monday (I moved on a Saturday). I called Daniel to let him know of my experience and he laughed in my face saying he "didn't charge me for the congestion charge so what do you want?" and "I'm only charging you for 2hrs not 4hrs". Obviously prior to booking I gave him my new address and thought his quote was including the congestion charge. But no, it was a nice thing to do for him not to charge me the £15 for the congestion charge for my troubles. And it was nice of him to charge me for the agreed 2hrs instead of 4hrs. My main concern is not about the money that I spent (better than other quotes) but the lack of due diligence with the one tool that makes a removal company safe: the vehicle. The driver had to travel 40 miles in this van to come to me. Without an alternator. He picked me up to travel 40min. Without an alternator. Daniel offers good prices but at what cost for his associates and customers? It could have gone much worst for my driver and I hope he made it back safe and sound. So if you care about the wellbeing of others, please don't book this company.

  • Ryfy 1 year ago

    I had such excellent service today from Mike and his colleague. Highly professional and polite, and clearly experts at what they do. Very friendly too. I was recommended their company by my colleague, and I'll be passing on the news that her recommendation didn't disappoint. Thanks again!

  • Larissa 1 year ago

    Excellent experience with Golden Eagle Removals East last weekend. The guys were incredible, super polite and quick. I thought the move might take an extra 30min but they managed to do it all in the pre programmed timescale! All of our things were treated with care. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks!!

  • Amazing professionals. They turned a very stressful and difficult move (new flat did not have lift) into a breeze. They took care of our items and did not break a single glass. I will hire them for all my moves from now on.

  • Charlee Hanson 1 year ago

    Absolutely outstanding. I have used the Golden Eagle Removals for another time which I suppose is the best indication and says everything. Always on time, reliable and super professional. Highly recommended.

  • Phillips Hicks 1 year ago

    The crew is very polite and friendly. They arrived on time, communicate well and efficiently. The whole process is well organized and fast. So far this is the most professional and productive moving crew I have ever met. I definitely will recommend to my friends.

  • Nylah Horton 1 year ago

    The Golden Eagle guys were absolutely outstanding. Friendly, reliable and fast-working. They've done a fantastic job. The van was clean and spacious, so everything fitted in nicely. For true peace of mind and high quality removal services, look no further. Will definitely use them again.

  • Henry 1 year ago

    Adam and Thomas were fast, professionals and they did care about the property. Highly recommend! Five stars!

  • Below you will see my message to the manager of this company. All I heard back from him was -sorry for the situation. As I have mentioned I am absolutely unhappy about how unprofessional is one of your staff members. I was very polite with him at the first day. Asked if they want a coffee or a drink. Helped them when they needed me. As I have mentioned to you I was packing all my clothes myself and my friend helped me there all day, from 8 am-5pm. Despite that I have a newborn baby , 3 month old, we made it. During the day I kept listening to the complains, that it’s too hot for him, then that his eyes are itching because of my dog, that he is covered with my dogs hair, that he doesn’t know where to pack toys, because they big, then he doesn’t know where to put screws that are from the baby’s table. Then he asked me to take large photo frames to my car, and commented- you have Audi Q7-anything will fit in there. Then he said -I am not going to be bothered to pack this drawer chest-it’s not that good anyway . And imagine what? He has put sellotape around it and I had to scratch it off after

  • Peter Zaňát 2 years ago

    5-stars all the way! Wow they were super friendly, fast and professional. They moved our upright piano for us and the pricing was very reasonable. The two movers that showed up were kind and fast but careful :) I would highly recommend using this company for your next move!

  • William Waren 2 years ago

    We had such a pleasant moving experience with this company. They were responsive, professional and exhibited wonderful customer service. We had to change our moving date and updated the amount of furniture we were moving and they graciously accommodated us. Hands down the best moving company we have ever worked with.

  • Melissa Petty 2 years ago

    They were fantastic, on time, very professional and they were very careful with my stuff. They treated my things like they were their own. They carefully wrapped up all the furniture and my expensive artwork. I was very pleased with the service I would absolutely use them again.

  • Malek Fituri 2 years ago

    Daniel was very helpful and responsive in the booking phase and Tom was great at the removal. Pricing methodology is better than most other quotes I got for the move (though I do think the whole market is inflated). Things are professionally secured in the van and transported safely and quickly. No fuss, no issues. Would definitely recommend these guys.

  • Jiranda Giorbe 2 years ago

    So much better than I could have expected! They were pleasant, efficient, quick, organized. The entire move lasted under 4 hours and went so smoothly I was amazed! Will definitely call them for next local move.

  • Hosea Whitehouse 2 years ago

    The removal team was exceptional. They took all the pressure off of us during a pre-Christmas move and helped us pack everything perfectly. Not a single thing got damaged in transit, and they even helped us get everything into our new house safe and sound. Utterly brilliant service - I couldn't recommend them more!

  • Danniel Martin 2 years ago

    Golden Eagle Removals service has been excellent! Reliable, Fast, Professional & Polite. No hidden costs & Great prices. I would recommend & use them again.

  • Nicholas Powell 2 years ago

    Very quick and professional. was able to work with us and our new employer to get the move scheduled and paid for last minute. Golden Eagle Removals carefully packed our belongings, took care of our furniture and delivered it all without a hitch. The teams at our old and new locations were both helpful, polite, and professional. This is the Golden Eagle Removals Company!

  • Excellent service from start to finish! Everyone was very respectful, efficient and kind. It was my first time moving and I was a bit nervous. However, they made everything very quick and easy! I would definitely recommend and use them again for future moves! Excellent experience! Thank you for everything!!

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