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About Us

Fast Interior Removals Ltd is a vibrant young relocation company that prides itself on the high level of personalized service it gives. We’re London based removal company, over 10 years  experience in the removals and storage industry. Fast Movers more than just a moving company, we handle all aspects of relocation tailoring our service to meet your individual needs. We can help facilitate every facet of your move, whether you are moving locally, nationally or overseas. We take care of the logistics of your move, from beginning to end. Let us handle the details and take the stress out of relocating for you. 

Whether it is your home or a workplace, a place that you have built over a period of time and have settled into accepting it as a part of your life is hard to leave behind. Such is the emotional and mental tool that moving takes place on a person. It is undoubtedly not an easy task to wrap up everything, organizing it, moving it to a different location and then resetting it. Besides the emotions of leaving a space that has grown to become close to your hear, it also exhausts you physically and financially.

London is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world and it is common for most Londoners to rely on rental spaces be it for residential or commercial purpose. Using rental spaces automatically means that a lot of moving should be expected and managing the whole process is often a huge hassle for most people. It gets even more difficult to relocate when you are a larger household with dependents such as kids, old citizens or even pets. That means you have extra work to manage. It is only natural for people to get frustrated during the process and end up managing thing haphazardly which often leads to loss and damages of valuable possessions. 


  • MEHRAN AZIZI 1 year ago

    These people are incredible! They affirm their availability on very short notice, or the day before my move! Everything was packed the following day and the following (and relocating) day! Wow! Just wow! Three men worked together to disassemble the furniture and transport it all across London. working very hard to get everything put together and in its proper spot! Excellent work!

  • Robert Glass 1 year ago

    Excellent, top-notch customer service was provided to me. I would wholeheartedly and immediately recommend this highly reputable, considerate, attentive, and professional business!They are not only very professional, but they also go out of their way to assist us with any packaging issues we might encounter.We don't hesitate to suggest them for packing needs.

  • William Watts 1 year ago

    I recently moved into a new apartment and utilized Fast interior removals. From beginning to end, I relished using their services. When I phoned, they provided me with a very detailed price and were able to carry it out on moving day. Guys who are honest and hardworking showed up to move my things with excellent care. I'd unquestionably suggest them to anyone seeking for movers.

  • We had a great experience with our recent move Fast interior removals. Their service was exceptional from the quotation process to delivery. Everything was done in an efficient professional manner. The delivery team was amazing. We highly recommend this company. Thank you for your amazing service.

  • Since Fast Interior movers have a wide range of offers if you want to move abroad, I am very happy with the work and am happy to give my review. Given that I place a higher value on memories than object worth, the professional handling of each item made me happy. Moving internationally is simpler now that there are Fast Interior Movers

  • Michael Romans 1 year ago

    The Fast Interior Removals Ltd. team who moved us were just brilliant. Punctual, quick, efficient and friendly and polite with it. Nothing was a problem - they even helped us catch our fish to get them into a pot for transport. They helped to make what could have been a really stressful experience much more bearable. I would also highly recommend the full packing service. Saved us so much time. Thank you!!

  • Michele Tafoya 1 year ago

    Wow so impressed with the team. They were punctual, communicative and so friendly. They took care to learn my children's names, and ensure all of our most treasured items were really well cared for. They left us what we needed to make our last night in our old home special, and went the extra mile in the new home for us. We highly recommend this team and would be happy to recommend them to everyone. Thanks for making such a big moment in our lives so much less stressful than it could have been!

  • Emmett Steele 1 year ago

    We had an excellent experience - they were responsive, punctual and friendly leading up to our move and throughout the process. They stayed as long as it took to get the job done, and were very careful with our possessions. They gave us a good price and we would gladly recommend their services to anyone.

  • Alan Tucker 1 year ago

    I was very impressed with the service provided by Fast Interior Removals Ltd.I was almost put off using them based on the reviews on Google. We ended up using for both packing and removals, and we were very pleasently surprised. Excellent value, very professional staff and best of all, all our belongs were well looked after. I would use them again!

  • Kate Jason 1 year ago

    Since posting this, Fast Interior Removal got in touch and have settled my claim satisfactorily. I am grateful that it’s resolved and hope that I was a one off and other customers aren’t treated this way. 26.09.22 I can only urge you not to go near this company. I have never written a bad review before - I'm a seriously tolerant person but please - read this and do not use them. Having accepted a quote from Fast Interior Removals to move house they arrived with two lorries, one much smaller than the 5.5 ton quoted. After realising they would need a third lorry due to lack of space, they insisted I pay an extra £620 for them to get one (my buyers were moving in that afternoon so I had no choice but to pay). Once moved I noticed that one of the beds was badly damaged and part of the garden furniture had been broken despite having given them covers to use which they didn't. They clearly knew about the bed (you couldn't miss the damage) but said nothing. My mother subsequently slashed her leg open on the bed! The two months since have been the most disgusting example of customer service I have ever experienced. Not once has someone called me back despite the numerous calls and emails with photographs of the damage that I have sent. Promises of calls back and settlement have been a joke and then my mobile number wasn't being answered. I accept that damages are likely to happen when you move but have the decency to treat your customers with respect and deal with the situation. I am now taking Fast Interior Removals to court. Originally I just wanted compensation for the bed and garden furniture but they can reimburse me for the extra lorry costs too. It's simple - treat people with respect, don't treat them like idiots and you'll come out a lot better off. DO NOT USE THEM - THEY SOUND GREAT WHEN YOU'RE BOOKING - COULDN'T BE MORE HELPFUL BUT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG FORGET IT!

  • I am ecstatic about Movers UK. I had to plan my relocation for a Sunday. They accommodated me even though they generally don't work on that day. The movers arrived on schedule and completed their task exceptionally quickly. I was awestruck beyond belief. I thought the relocation would take nine hours, but they finished in seven. And Movers is very reasonably priced for the excellent service they offer. Five stars; strongly advised, particularly for local movements. With further moves, I'll surely collaborate with them once again.

  • Walter Smith 1 year ago

    Great experience from start to finish. Matt came round on an initial visit and offered some helpful advice. The guys on the big day were great and everything was moved quickly and efficiently. On top of that they offered a competitive price. Glad I went with Fast Interior Removals Ltd. and would recommend them.

  • Larry Parker 1 year ago

    thank you guys for making my recent move so much easier and less stressful than it could have been. I used the complete packing service and the guys turned up the day before my move and packed literally everything so I didn't need to spend weeks living out of boxes. They turned up exactly on time on both days of the move and the chaps Jim and Zack were amazing - very professional and friendly. Everything was packed very securely and carefully and there was no damage whatsoever. I would definitely highly recommend this company for your move.

  • During our local relocation, Fed and his team took excellent care of our things. They packed everything with great care, but also unexpectedly quickly and with no interference with our "usual" routine. The day of the move went much better. Additionally, Gil's friendly demeanor and attention to detail during the estimate process made interacting with him a lot less stressful. Without a doubt, we would suggest it to anyone thinking about moving locally or elsewhere.

  • Richard John 1 year ago

    Amazing! So glad we chose Fast Interior Removals Ltd.! From the initial visit, They were friendly, professional, and very responsive. The packing and moving team were lovely people, so helpful and really took the stress out of the moving; it was a pleasure having them around! Late in the day on move day the team were so efficient and patient and so lovely with our children. My daughter is still talking about Harry! I can’t recommend them enough, they were really excellent all round.

  • Vicki Lawrence 1 year ago

    Thank you to Charlie and the guys, they made the actual packing and moving days probably the least stressful part of moving house!! They did a full packing service for us after I injured my back (what a good excuse) and sent us off for a day off while they did it all, it was great. They were very cheerful and helpful with dismantling and putting our furniture back together and putting everything where we wanted it. They didn't complain (too much) about our 18 boxes of books. I also found it really easy to communicate with the office team who were really flexible with dates at the last minute. Thanks again!

  • They were outstanding - they made our move itself the least stressful part of moving house. The movers were professional, considerate and companionable: they packed our entire house up carefully and quickly, disassembling furniture where necessary and even at one point hoisting a bed out a window. I never felt like our possessions were at the slightest risk of damage and they were incredibly easy to unpack at the other end. Highly recommended.

  • Benjamin Souza 1 year ago

    They did a wonderful job with our recent move. We were provided with a top notch team who handled our move professionally and timely. The price matched what we were expecting and was quite reasonable. We had a few last minute changes we were worried about but they handled them so well. We will refer them to friends and family and use them again if the opportunity arises.

  • Robert James 1 year ago

    Their sales staff were very cooperative and kindly adjusted our quote several times (because of my errors not theirs). Alberto and his crew were kind and courteous. They called with an eta and showed up on time. Efficiently wrapped a lot of furniture. Loaded and unloaded (a lot) of stuff. They were very patient in moving furniture into proper locations. Says a lot when you start at 9am and work to stop other than a 20 minute lunch. They really did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend.

  • Mary Alice 1 year ago

    Their sales staff were very cooperative and kindly adjusted our quote several times (because of my errors not theirs). Alberto and his crew were kind and courteous. They called with an eta and showed up on time. Efficiently wrapped a lot of furniture. Loaded and unloaded (a lot) of stuff. They were very patient in moving furniture into proper locations. Says a lot when you start at 9am and work to stop other than a 20 minute lunch. They really did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend.

  • Adam Williams 1 year ago

    Had a amazing experience yesterday with Fast Interior Removals Ltd. a team of 3 came in to move furniture and boxes from my apt and storage unit. The did a FANTASTIC job wrapping all furniture like a mummy to have great protection in the truck. after a few hours of packing the truck the unload was a breeze for me as they were great. asked where we wanted each box and put the furniture all in the exact locations we wanted. Pricing was on par with other companies but they did beyond par work! will be recommending to others that are moving.Thanks again!

  • Carlos Dillon 1 year ago

    crew was very friendly and courteous. They securely moved all of my furniture and other stuff with no worries. I was thinking of not including my mirrors/art and lamps in the storage but when I saw how they work- very professional and organized, I had the peace of mind of letting them take care of almost everything in my house. Their moving coordinator went above and beyond in finding the right solution or my moving situation, giving me several options with no pressure.

  • John Cobb 1 year ago

    The Fast Interior Removals Ltd moving crew was very friendly and courteous. They securely moved all of my furniture and other stuff with no worries. I was thinking of not including my mirrors/art and lamps in the storage but when I saw how they work- very professional and organized, I had the peace of mind of letting them take care of almost everything in my house. Their moving coordinator went above and beyond in finding the right solution or my moving situation, giving me several options with no pressure.

  • Barbara Solis 1 year ago

    We have used Fast Interior Removals Ltd for 2 moves now (4 bedroom home) and we have had amazing experiences each time. Prior to the move they keep in contact to ensure everything for your moving day is clear and you can ask questions. The crew arrives on time and are very professional. They have never damaged any of our items and take care to make sure they kept our belongings safe. They move quickly and don’t leave until the job is done. Given the quality of service I feel they are totally worth the money!!!

  • Mindy Overton 2 years ago

    It seems to be hit or miss with this company. And when they miss, they miss big. We used them to move from London to Manchester. Here is why we gave them one star: - upon arrival they brought too small of a truck even though we had a walk through weeks beforehand. - once the truck was full, they said they were leaving to drive it up to Manchester. Even though we still had items in our flat. When we told them about the extra items they left behind, they shrugged and left. - we paid extra to rent a bigger car ourselves to drive, but still couldn’t fit everything they left behind. (£100 lost) - we paid extra to have them break down and set up furniture. They did not set the furniture back up. - we paid extra for them to DISPOSE of the items that were left behind due to them not bringing a big enough truck. They took our money and did not dispose of it. (£120 lost) - we got very little back on our deposit due to our landlord having to remove the items himself. (£700 lost) - we reached out to them regarding these issues and they have not given us any money back. Contemplating bringing them to court, but I am pregnant and exhausted and just glad this is over even though we’ve lost so much money. Most of the issues were due to one particular man who was on his phone the whole time. Very rude and seemed to be the one making all these poor decisions like leaving our things behind and not rebuilding our furniture. The other two men seemed fine and one even offered to rebuild the furniture by himself, but the other two were already in the truck ready to head home so we told him to just go. Worst moving experience of my life. Including moves across countries, over oceans, and countless in city moves. This one took the cake.

  • Michael Mendoza 2 years ago

    Wonderful services, took amazing care of our stuff. The move went smooth. Totally Worth using this service and I will use them again!

  • Dave Liddle 2 years ago

    Excellent service from fast interior removals, handled my items with care and did a great job of loading/unloading. I would definitely use them next time I move house! Highly recommended.

  • Olivia Lewis 2 years ago

    Fast, professional, friendly and very patient removal guys. They took really good care of our belongings and when we had to wait for an hour for our seller to move out they were very nice about it. Note we did have to pay an extra £300 because they had to wait but that was in the contract. Would definitely recommend and use them again!

  • C. Butler 2 years ago

    Recommend highly

    Recommend highly. Arrived 20mins early to assess the items that were being moved and the order in which they should best be loaded.Considerate people and very kind manner which was most welcome on a stressful day. Will be my first call next time.

  • Snowdrop House 2 years ago

    Fast, efficient service.

    The folks who moved our things worked extremely hard! And considering how heavy several of the boxes were, they did a superb job moving everything and placing each labelled box into the right room. Highly recommended.

  • Rob 2 years ago

    Good movers

    The movers turned up on time, and packed and unpacked my stuff quickly and efficiently. They were friendly and professional throughout, and paid attention to my special instructions about fragile objects. Everything arrived safely at my new house.

  • Joe 2 years ago


    Professional, quick, recommended!

  • Sara Darka 2 years ago

    John and Victor helped us move our home. They were fast, efficient, friendly and got on with the job with no hassle. I strongly recommend John and Victor to help move your home. Thank you guys, it was a stress free experience because of you both.

  • Nils Pancholi 2 years ago

    Open and honest service from the start

    Open and honest service from the start. Negotiated a final price with Mr Hamza, who provided excellent customer service. On the day of the move the 3 gentlemen who helped with the removal were professional and polite at all times and did the job with speed and efficiency. I would definitely recommend this company.

  • George Neville 2 years ago

    It is fair to say that the name is very accurate. The speed of our removal could not be faulted. However, as we were taught at school, if you rush, you make mistakes. There didn't seem to be all that much care over bashing or knocking of possessions, nor for the house itself. Several items were scraped across the floor, leaving marks and scuffs. When they said they would provide clothes rails for my wife's dresses, they were simply taken down and stuffed into a larger box. We has a couple of broken glasses, and a cracked framed portrait, which is perhaps to be expected when moving, but still needs mentioning. Lastly, I hate to have to write this, but one gentleman asked to use our loo once they had finished. He proceeded to wash his feet in the sink, and then trundle through the house with wet feet, leaving footprints, and a mildly flooded downstairs loo. The point is not the wet floors, they will dry, and I do it regularly in my own house, but it was the lack of respect for the customers (me) house and possessions throughout the move. Yes, they were fast, and that has its benefits, but in future I would appreciate a little more care as well.

  • We were advised by friends to use them

    We were advised by friends to use them, they made our move so painless effortless. Booking was really simple, They came on time. The guys that did the removal were just great. We moved from a 4th floor flat (no lift) to a 5th floor flat (no left), so a really rubbish job and all day they were so helpful, never a complaint. Everything moved in perfect condition, not a single breakage. just a great experience all around, would highly recommend them these guys.


    Do not use. They turned up on time more or less. They rushed the moved so much smashing my furniture on the floor and ground. Completely wrecked my daughters wardrobes and cupboards and two book cases. My washing machine was scratched to pieces. They do not know the meaning of the word fragile! Have emailed numerous times getting no response at all!!! They do not have the correct equipment and struggled to pack the lorry leaving a load of stuff behind then telling me you have to take! Was difficult to communicate as they do not speak English!

  • Gezza B 2 years ago

    Absolutely Delighted

    My family and I were absolutely delighted with the service your team provided! In fact you have all been a total pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful service at a very competitive price. Chip and the team were all polite, friendly and caring and nothing was too much trouble. That made what could have been a stressful day so much easier. Please thank them all, and give yourself a pat on the back too for your very courteous and helpful service. I won't hesitate to recommend Fast to everybody!

  • We were recommended by a friend given…

    We were recommended by a friend given the extreme parking problem from the flat to our new home and the very hot day, the removal team worked with complete care thank you so much we had few companies we used they were really not as good as we accepted but Fast Interior Removals went above beyond. Highly recommended.

  • Harold Carnie 2 years ago

    Very good customers from Fast interior…

    Very good customers from Fast interior removals the job was done in the right space of time keep doing a great job for all customers that get in contact with you .

  • Fatima C 2 years ago

    Best company

    One of the best moving company in London would really recommend

  • Steve Palastanga 2 years ago

    Video visit letdown

    Stayed in all morning to do a video of the required items to move.No call at the booked time. Rebooked, Still no contact. Asked if I wanted to book another time. Afraid I can't be bothered with companies that let me down!

  • Run. As fast as you can.

    Do. Not. Use. Them. If. You. Love. Your. Stuff. They are unprofessional. Do not take care of your belongings. Under quote and then try to get more money mid move. And did I mention they are careless.In response to their reply:They did a site visit, AND packed our house. So should've been fully aware of what they needed to move and to make the necessary preparations (again, they packed our house, and very badly at that). To then make a big scene on the day of our move, saying they were not prepared or aware of the volume, their staff threatening not to proceed with the move (I say their staff, it was a man and rickety van), not taking our phone calls to try resolve the issue, delaying our move by hours and keeping our stuff ransom in their truck was just not something we needed on moving day. Avoid them.

  • Tania 2 years ago

    If I could give minus stars then I…

    If I could give minus stars then I would. They did exactly what they have done to others on this review site. Gave me a quote then started ringing me every single day to persuade me to take the quote even though I repeatedly told them that I would decide when I was ready. Although I requested packing to be included, they didn't include packing materials. When I spotted that they told me that I didn't ask for packing materials. Silly me had assumed that they were included if I am paying for a packing service. They tried to add a lot onto the quote but I said I'd go elsewhere so they reduced it back down again and included 70 boxes. I asked if that was enough. They told me that their assessor said that it would definitely be enough. Same with 2 vans - I asked if that would be enough. Neither were enough. I had to pay for an extra 50 boxes on the day (£175). Also, my stuff wouldn't fit into 2 vans, although their assessor had assessed and said that it would and my quote was based on his say-so but on the day of the move itself I was told that I would need another van - £1000 more! I said no thank you and found my own but I still had to spend £500 extra on that. Then it was the overtime clause. I'm not sure why their assessor wasn't able to figure out how long it would take them to pack or move me but apparently it's because I have 'so much stuff' (see above). It's funny how 'so much stuff' wasn't mentioned until the move day (even though they saw my 'so much stuff'). They forced me to pay them an extra £500 on the day or they wouldn't unload my belongings from the van. I should have called the police at that point but the whole thing had traumatised me so much, and on a move day which is bad enough, that I just paid them to end the situation - after a massive shouting match with the manager on the phone when I'd just arrived at my new property. He tried to force me to pay an extra £1K but I wouldn't (couldn't actually). The move cost me £1K more because of them and it is just such a grasping and calculating thing to do because moving is so stressful and they get you right in the middle of the move and then hold your belongings to ransom. They were also abysmal at packing. My drawers were just tipped out and emptied into boxes; my fragile stuff wasn't wrapped in anything and I have broken items. They caused damage to a wall and a door in my old property. There were many things wrong with the packing service which was just so unprofessional but I can't be bothered to list them. The packers could barely speak English so that was a problem. I gave them really clear instructions on what I wanted to take and what not and I put labels onto things I was leaving behind. Lots of stuff that was supposed to be left behind is now at my new home. Luckily for me though, I had a glass of water with some thyme in it at my old property and they thought to pack it, water and all, and bring it with me - the lovely surprise was the water all over my belongings in that box. Apart from writing this review, I am trying to put this awful experience behind me as it totally ruined my moving out and in.The reply below is simply untrue. There was no video survey, they came in person. I showed them the garage during the visit. Nothing was added on later. 'I will be happy to pay extra van'? Really? The reply below is fiction. The movers waited 30 minutes for the agent to bring them a key. Fast Interior Movers: If you simply make things up when customers are saying the same thing about you over and over in their reviews, exact same problems each time, you just reinforce the fact that you are unprofessional movers but professional hustlers.

  • michael 3 years ago

    Very happy with our decision

    It can be a big decision and a lot of money picking a removals company but we couldn’t have been happier. The service and staff were brilliant across the board. Exact on timings and quantity of equipment needed, great on communication, understanding of our needs and how stressful a move can be. We felt in safe hands from start to finish. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  • Mike Coyle 3 years ago

    Would never recommend this company

    Full of smooth sales talk but quite amateurish IMHO. Failed to observe COVID rules. Charged for things not moved and bullied consistently for payment without any final invoice. Bullied while travelling on the motorway with veiled threats. Not impressed. Would never recommend this company. Items just thrown into property.

  • Laura 3 years ago

    I am really satisfied by the work and…

    I am really satisfied by the work and its my pleasure to share this review as Fast Removals offer a wide range of offers if you want to move abroad. Every object is handled in a professional way which led to my satisfaction as I give more importance to the memories than the value of objects. What a Team! I urge you to use this company to move you if you are moving home. We moved from London to France and had to find a removal firm at very short notice.Thank goodness Fast Interior removals were available. Right from the start Patrick had a calming influence on a very tense situation and handled every problem we could throw at him with calm assurance. They pre-loaded a lot of stuff the day before then finished off and moved us on the day.His team were great too. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. You couldn't do better than hire these guys.

  • Sarah davies 3 years ago

    Fantastic service

    Fantastic service! They were quick, pleasant, professional and very helpful. Due to my business I move house regularly, and have used so many different companies, but these were the best. Highly recommend them...

  • Tom 3 years ago

    Great Removal Service

    Fast Interior Removals provided a fantastic service from booking through to the removal itself. The team arrived promptly and were helpful/friendly throughout. They worked very quickly and carefully, and I would highly recommend using them.

  • David Vorbrich 3 years ago

    DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR QUOTATION We had a positive experience 4 years ago, but we now realise that was just luck. We used Fast Interior Removals again for a second time and got burned badly. We had a large move - 5 bedroom detached house - to another property in the same village. They had moved us almost identically 4 years previously so they should know exactly how hard this move should be (identical move). We received a reasonable quote, about 10% higher than the first move but 4 years had passed. On the day, the moving team was very good and the team manager was very professional, but half-way through the second day of a 2-day move everything fell apart. The “overtime” clause kicked in. DO NOT BELIEVE THE QUOTE !!! Fast Interior Removals is a scam - providing a low quote up front and then gouging you on the spot at the end of your move when you are most tired and frustrated. We ended up spending almost 50% additional on top of what was initially quoted. We will NEVER use this company again.

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