Cornerstone Removals


  • Sofia Siddiq 5 months ago

    Claudio and his team were amazing. They went over and beyond expectations, stayed overtime to complete the job. No complaints at all. Would recommend to anyone!

  • Jenny Kermode 6 months ago

    Cornerstone have been great. They allowed such flexibility when our date was up in the air and we could add extra on when needed. The packers and movers were friendly and efficient. Only thing that could be improved is communication between movers and head office as there was a disconnect on a few things (dismantling sofa, quantity of goods in attic) but overall they were great and I would recommend to anyone who moves.

  • Elena Loghin 6 months ago

    Claudiu, Paulo and Frank did an excellent job! They loaded a four bedroom house in less than three hours.. arrived on time to the new house and unloaded with no fault at all.. It was very pleasant to work with such a good team. It was a pleasure to see them work

  • Robert Sewell 8 months ago

    Great service from start to finish. From first contact with my account manager, to the excellent Moving service on the Day. London to North Wales. Without a single problem. Two very professional Moving Operatives. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Tracey Walker 8 months ago

    Professional engagement from start to finish. Arrived promptly and worked diligently. My 4 bed house with full garage was ready to go to my new home within an hour and a half. I was really impressed with the team, they worked cohesively and made this move painless! Thank you

  • Vanessa bartlett 9 months ago

    The lads were amazing. So quick and professional and friendly. My mum had a fall on the blankets they had laid out and they were so lovely helping her up and making sure she was OK. They offered to move boxes and furniture around until we were happy that the layout was what we wanted.

  • Nathan Ingle 9 months ago

    Cornerstone were brilliant from start to finish. We had to rearrange dates a few times (due to our buyers) and they were always really helpful and easy to get hold of. The removal guys on the day were very efficient and had everything unloaded and reassembled by 5pm like they said. I can't fault Cornerstone at all, we had great service from them and would highly recommended.

  • Dell Henson-Baines 10 months ago

    SCAM COMPANY! THEY ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE BAR (British Association of Removers) STAY AWAY! I was sold a scam, a "care package" and 50k insurance if any damage occurred. I needed to move a large Arcade Machine, the main reason I looked for a professional removal company. What turned up was 3 Eastern European guys in a van with no lifting equipment, the van didn't have a tail lift and they had no blankets to cover my furniture. My arcade machine was dropped down the stairs and could have killed the guy underneath it. His arms were badly hurt and he was out of action all day. Most of my walls have marks all over them, my kitchen floor was left with a hole in it. My new fridge freezer has damage marks, my dishwasher needed repairing and the items were literally dumped around the house (see photos) I paid for the dismantle and assemble service, but after the shambles my wardrobe was "assembled" in, and after being told it wasn't their skills it was my floorboards, I had enough and asked them to leave. I spent 2 full days fixing things that they left in their destructive path. They drank bottles of energy drink and threw them on my home floor and left cigarette ends and lunch waste outside my front door. I was forced to leave a good review immediately while they were lingering around me. Jack the manager will sweet talk you that all will be repaired. Then you have to deal with the insurance team, well I was told she was the best Denisa is her name, so far after over 1 month, I have received 1 email stating she's looking into my claim and will be in touch. Well, that was 14 days ago now. Nothing. So I'm now warning anybody thinking of using this company to go with a BAR registered one and not this joke of a company. They also advertise they are members of the Safe Contractors Trade Association and they are not accredited with them yet and the association has requested for them to remove this from their website. I paid £1.5k thinking I was getting a professional company. This is FAR from that in all aspects. 31.08.2023 update, still nowhere near getting anything sorted. I requested a call last week Tuesday and today the following week Thursday I received an email, not a call as requested. Offering a couple of hundred pounds for an arcade machine worth 4.5k, which is another unprofessional blow from this joke of a company. The reason for the long delay, that they are experiencing a high demand of claims currently, well NO SURPRISE THERE, if sending unprofessional people to do a professional job, you'll get damage of property and claims.

  • vanessa Stiles 10 months ago

    I really don’t know where to start with this review , apart from that I need to warn anyone that thinks this is a good company to use to move home with . It’s stressful enough moving home with the added issues that can occur on the day. You get so much reassurance from the sales team that you don’t expect anything to be a miss on the day you actually do move . Well the day arrived and the team packed up our belongings but obviously we couldn’t witness everything that they did as there were 5 Eastern European people packing in different rooms but I held the trust as was reassured from the sales team that all times fragile would be wrapped and fragile tape on box and itemised on label . They did all the packing that we paid extra for in a few hours . Some items we packed ourselves a few days before as they were irreplaceable so didn’t want to risk it so glad we did that! On the day the vans arrived at 7 am the guys loaded the van up without no lifting gear or support for their backs ! But as the time went on they packed one van to the hilt and didn’t put anything into the 2nd van . We did question this but they said it’s all gone into one so will be fine . Bearing in mind we were moving 300 miles so thought they must know what they’re doing as they are a moving company . They said they’re ETA was around 5 pm they left our home at 9.45 am . We didn’t hear anything until around 3pm when they called us to say the van had broken down about an hour away ! We asked when all our belongings would actually arrive they said we will be in touch ! They that was the start of the calamity ahead , they didn’t call back and we couldn’t get through to the office as it was closed for the rest of the day . All we had was the clotheslines on our backs a cat and his things and the items that were irreplaceable thankfully ! So we couldn’t book into a hotel as we had our CAT so had to try and rest on the floor so didn’t get any rest at all. We then had a call from the driver asking if they had deliver our belongings at 12.30 to come . To our horror imagine that with our new neighbours making all that racket at 1 am in the morning . We obviously said NO , but came to an agreement for 6am in the morning still not good but better than the middle of the night! We were shattered and no doubt so we’re the Eastern European team. They delivered our belongings in a different van and it wasn’t until we started to unpack things over the next few days that we found things damaged . Display cabinet damaged on one corner looked like it had been dropped . 2 ornaments glass broken and had only been wrapped in paper ! Picture frame broken and shards of glass in box with other items . Scratch’s on fridge ! They reassembled our electric reclining sofa wrong so it didn’t work ! There were numerous marks on the walls of our brand new home . We asked how much they got paid and it was well below the minimum wage . So not surprised they rushed the job . We found out from the team that they had to get a replacement van and transfer all our belongings to the new van . We assume that this is where the damage occurred and they did most of the transferring in the middle of the night so had hardly any light to see what they were doing. So this company is a sham , we haven’t been able to this day get in touch apart from once they said they would get the claims team to call us back but yes you guessed it they haven’t as yet ! Watch this space . I would give them zero stars but it won’t let me so had to give one star . We really wish we’d gone with one of the other company’s now that quoted us but in hindsight you trust what you’re offered, when they say you’ll be insured for any damages . Let see if they answer this review as I will be posting all platforms to make sure nobody gets treated this badly again.

  • Louise Downes 10 months ago

    Where do I start...the guys turned up on time, was very courtesy introducing themselves. Was very helpful in helping what needed to be dismantled and took good care of valuable items and made sure they was well protected. They was very efficient in getting the van loaded up and even though they was travelling quite a long way they even managed to get to our new home and unload the van on the same day and even set up our bed for the night. I couldn't recommend these guys highly and would definitely use them again

  • Simon Povey 1 year ago

    Terrible company. Damaged items. Didn’t label any boxes up- what removal company doesn’t?! Did half a job packing on the day before. Turned up late and waited till 3pm to realise they didn’t have enough space- legally supposed to be out at 2pm finally left at 5pm. Did me a ‘favour’ sourcing another van even if I did have two video calls. Things are missing. Stuff moved on cupboards instead of emptying them. I requested a call from their management team and no one has even bothered in four weeks. Vans were overloaded on the journey. Parts of my railway collection have been damaged. Scratched sideboard as well. Without doubt the worse customer service ever. To top it all off one of the men asked for a 5 star review!

  • Kaeler Howden 1 year ago

    Good communication from the booking process. One of the vans had a delay in the morning due to an accident but was kept informed from first thing in the morning. All movers were friendly and professional (and good with the kids running around!). Thank you all very much, made the moving process so much less stressful and would definitely use this service again!

  • dave jones 1 year ago

    My wife booked this company when we moved house. She paid for 2 vans of a particular size to ensure our belongings were not damaged. They turned up with smaller vans and literally threw everything inside. Not surprisingly, a lot of things got damaged, along with an expensive surround sound system. I reported it the next day and attached photos of the damage. I constantly had to call them asking for updates. I finally got a response saying they were going to offer me £70 as a good will gesture. I am now taking them to court. An absolute joke of a company. I wouldn't trust them to move a lump of concrete, let alone personal possessions.

  • Martin Goodall 1 year ago

    Do not use this company! They are very good at the contract negotiation stage, but fail to point you to section 8.2 of the contract, which states the maximum liability per item, if they admit fault, is £40. Their removers damaged our three seater bed settee and admitted fault and told us to claim. That's where the fun started! Cornerstone refused our claim and pointed out the above section of the contract. They denied responsibility and stated their removers had acted under our instruction and supervision and so was our fault. Once they agreed to pay out, to "leave on good terms", it was nearly two months since our moving date before we got the money. And we still have not had an apology. You have been warned!

  • Nicola Langley 1 year ago

    The two guys who moved us were absolute machines! They didn't not stop throughout the day. How they managed to fit our whole house in the van, I have no idea! The whole team who great when dealing with them. I have to be honest when their quote came in a lot lower than others I'd had, I did worry about the quality of the service. Didn't need to do at all. They were exceptional. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

  • Fumbi Olajide 1 year ago

    Very lovely guys. They were careful with all my stuff, moved everything professionally and even fitted my washing machine. They arranged all my furniture the way I wanted and moved old furniture for me in the new house. I will definitely use cornerstone for my next house move and strongly recommend them. Value for money. Not as expensive as other movers and did a great job.

  • We hired cornerstone to help us move a long distance and they were fantastic. They let us move our date around due to delays. On the day, Sammy and Jonny arrived on time and were super efficient at moving things out quickly and carefully. They dissembled everything we needed and put it back together the other end. Again, very quick and efficient. They took care of our items and we would definitely recommend! Price very competitive as well.

  • gary rice 1 year ago

    Cornerstone have moved us today from our flat and storage unit in East London to the Isle of Wight. The arrived at the exact time arranged. The three guys were quick efficient and took great care of all of our belongings. The were friendly and fun. We didn't lift a finger they did everything. I would 100% recommend them to everyone. A brilliant faultless service. Thank you.

  • Michael Kng 1 year ago

    The team we got to move were second to none. They were professional and so helpful. From start to finish they were a well oiled team. We can only thank Cornerstone for doing an impeccable job from first inquiry to moving the last box into our new home. We would recommend them to everybody. 5

  • The guys on the day worked really hard and had a long day. Very polite and courteous. The office staff, just as polite, kind and really helpful explaining things and really amenable to the fact I had to keep pushing my moving day backwards. They even helped tremendously by having availability to assist another party in my moving chain when they themselves couldn't find anyone else to help them move on our moving date.

  • We used Cornerstone for a move from London to Buckinghamshire. Everything from start to finish was outstanding! From the ease of providing a quote, the packing and the actual move. The three movers were fantastic, friendly, professional, cheerful and very helpful. We highly recommend this company and would use again in the future. Thank you!

  • Clifford Talbot 2 years ago

    Excellent service so far. The packers were efficient and courteous. Everything seems to have been packed carefully. They made sure to ask before packing things that we may need, which saved us a few headaches.

  • Agnieszka Latka 2 years ago

    Best quote out of 3 removals companies I spoke to and no surprise additional charges on the day either. Great service, Adrian and Vlad turned up promptly, loaded and unloaded the van in record time and were very careful with my things. Would definitely recommend Cornerstone Removals. I hope not to have to move house again for a long time but if I do I know who I will contact first!

  • Hels H 2 years ago

    So far I am so impressed with the service provided by Cornerstone removals. I found them to have such a professional approach from the first call to the video call to assess our needs and the quote received being so flexible and reasonable. Their quote was actually lower than another company who charge extra for disassembly and reassembly services as well, which pleasantly surprised me, so I have booked without hesitation and look forward to my move (as much as anyone can). I even have my own agent to contact should i need anything. It has given me peace of mind that something is at least sorted.

  • Amy Cable 2 years ago

    We've had a really great experience using Cornerstone. The packers came in today and packed up everything quickly and mindfully. They were also very communicative and spoke to me about everything so to make sure I was happy with how things were being packed. We also have a very anxious and chatty dog and both of the packers gave my dog cuddles and calmed her down to make sure that she too was happy during the process. That made me a very happy dog mum

  • Judy Y 2 years ago

    I am sad to say that I would not use Cornerstone again and cannot recommend their services. The people who moved us on the day were fantastic, very personable and put things in the required places, and I was so happy with them. Unfortunately, I have since discovered that large sums of cash, most of which was packed in an overnight bag that should not have been boxed up (though that was my fault for not highlighting) was taken by one of the packers. The cash was in a pocket of a rucksack so clearly this was deliberately taken. There was an additional amount of money in old £10 notes that I had left in a container and forgotten about that has also been taken, as well as an Apple watch. I called Cornerstone about this on Monday 28 March, having been moved on Friday 25 March and was told that they would speak to the packers and get back to me. I have also emailed Cornerstone and have not heard anything. Given the serious nature of my complaint, I would at least expect communication to show that they take the matter seriously, but it appears not to be the case. I await contact from Cornerstone to acknowledge my complaint.

  • Kris OSullivan 2 years ago

    The 3 removal men were absolutely wonderful and literally couldn't have worked any harder or been more helpful. Polite and kind and never moaned once amidst the chaos. I cannot praise them or speak more highly enough of them. Brilliant.

  • Dominique 2 years ago

    From start to finish this was an excellent service. It was easy to get a quote, as we sent videos of all of our belongings with an explanation. We had two amazing guys (Andreas and his colleague) turn up, who were friendly and upbeat from start to finish. I couldn't believe how quickly they packed everything and put it all in the new place. It was a rapid turnaround and everything got there safely. I will definitely use them again!

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