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In 2016, our Gavin needed to move a sofa. And it cost him a whole load of hassle and hard work. “There’s got to be a better way”, thought Gavin. And so, he started asking around.

Turns out, there are thousands of you who need to move stuff every day, all fed up with having to pay hefty removal costs and spend hours trying to get it organised.

And it also just so happens that around the corner from nearly each and every one of you, is a man with a van who can help– no hassle, no big price tag. All Gavin had to do, was connect you. So, he did. And Vanuse was born.

The idea behind Vanuse is to get things moving but keep things simple. So that you can relax and get on with doing something more interesting than moving your stuff. Sound good? Then please use us, shout about us, recommend us, or maybe even drive for us. You’ll find us in a number of the UK’s big cities, and if we’re not in your area yet, we will be soon – so look out because.

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Single or Multiple Furniture
Apartment / Flat moves
House Moves

Customer Reviews

Ray Sandy 4 months ago

Great company and service. I can't recommend Vanuse enough. I use them 4 to 5 times a week for my business deliveries. They have replaced my own vans. I have been using Vanuse for 3 years now, they have never let me down. Drivers are great, polite and reliable. If a driver is sick or van broken down they have someone else help, so my business doesn't skip a beat. Highly recommend.

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Sefa Duran 5 months ago

Fantastic service! This is absolutely the only place you need to get van and man. Thanks for all and cheapest price in the market.

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Bev Davidson 6 months ago
Nightmare driver

Bad experience - driver had a bad attitude and was rude to the people where he was collecting a sofa for me, basically he couldn’t be bothered and moaned and moaned. Yes there was an issue getting it through the gate but was totally unwilling to try and resolve the situation. So got the two seater literally dumped on our drive and the 3 seater is still there so out of pocket and only one sofa when I’ve paid for two. I paid for assistance but all he did was stress me and the person who I’d bought the sofa from and left me as a lone female to get the 2 seater from drive into the house. Got a neighbour to help me, so the ‘heavy’ sofa he kept moaning about was totally ok for two of us moving. Looks like I’m now going to have to fork out again for another van so not happy at all. It’s good how you can book online and get an instant price but if you get a bad driver then it’s not worth it

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Jake Devine 9 months ago

We were in a pickle having misjudged the size of a sofa we bought, so we needed help quick to get it home. Vanuse was easy to use, quick and reasonable price. Our driver Abdi was friendly, knew exactly where he was going, and even helped me get the sofa upstairs. Great service, highly recommended.

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Eric 9 months ago
Excellent service

Excellent service, easy to use, great customer service, on time with brilliantly helpful drivers. Will definitely use again, thank you!

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Eric Howard 9 months ago

A fantastic service, easy to organise, the driver was absolutely fantastic and helpful, helping me at both ends, exactly on time too, a load off my mind. Would definitely use this service again.

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fani derdemezi 10 months ago

The service was fantastic, everything was on time and arranged asap by Gavin. Mark (the driver) was very kind and helpful and everything went smoothly. Totally recommend this service to everyone looking to move around the UK.

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Had a very good experience with Vanuse - had to collect a bulky and fragile period desk and get it to my flat. The driver, Biniyam, was punctual. polite and very helpful. The price was reasonable too. Thank you, will use again.

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William Newton 11 months ago
Efficient and Reliable!

I've used Vanuse three times, and have had a really great experience each time. It's quick, convenient, and gets the job done efficiently and reliably! I can't speak highly enough of the service.

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Excellent service

Excellent service. Gavin was very helpful and hands-on on the phone and explained everything very thoroughly. This service is also very flexible to customer needs (the mover came with a van that was bigger than needed and there was no nitpicking over the number of boxes or bags). The mover Nick was very helpful, friendly and patient waiting for us to finish packing, had great practical ideas for unpacking and picked up objects that were too heavy for me like they were made of feather. If you are moving house, I strongly recommend Vanuse.

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First of all

First of all, apologies for the late review. I completely forgot to write a review. I guess l8 is better than never.I used your service in August 2020.Fantastic service. Very quick in response. I hired man and a van. The person who came to help me was friendly and helpful. Good value for money. A friend of mine recently had a terrible experience with another company and they charged her unfairly. I was glad that i used your service. It would be mean not to appreciate your service. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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Fantastic service

Fantastic service - arrived early, took a very heavy plan chest apart and climbed up and down 3 flights of steps 14 times

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Yuliya Joyce 1 year ago
Uber for van services

Literally an Uber for vans! So glad I found you guys on such short notice and they were there within 10 mins! A 10 minutes?!!! Insane! The drivers were so polite and good also!I wish you all the success and I will be telling my friends about you!Y.

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X man 2 years ago
Highly Recommended

We have used Vanuse multiple times in recent months for moves across London and have always received a great service from booking process through to the collection and delivery service itself. We’ve had jobs with Christian, Hicham and Muhammad who have all been highly professional and helpful. Would highly recommend this company

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Can\'t recommend highly enough. Gavin (wonderful organiser) & Hicham (our wonderful driver) - thank

I have used Vanuse a number of times now. Each time has been a fantastic experience no matter how big or small the job. Vanuse is efficient, a good price and a great service. Gavin is great to deal with and sorts out the best way to achieve your goals. My most recent job was more complex as I needed a van to bring back some furniture and personal effects from France. Our driver Hicham was amazing - I had underestimated the amount I wanted to bring back and Hicham and Aziz worked really hard and showed real care and determination to organise and re-organise the space to get everything in. I don't know how they managed to fit it all in but they did. Thank you Hicham, Aziz and Gavin - a truly wonderful job. Can't recommend highly enough.

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Kie Ran 2 years ago
Great app for van owners to make quick…

Great app for van owners to make quick money. Had a little trouble using the app at first but Gavin gave me a call and assisted me through text and since then its been smooth sailings. I never accept short distance jobs as i prefer longer distances but I've managed to catch 3 Great jobs and meet 2 lovely people. I’ve made over £500 this week doing repeat house moving trips up to coventry! Would defo recommend to anyone with a van and some spare time and also customers just due to the ease & security. Payments reach my account within 24 hours no hassle. 5 stars

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Yram VeryLittle 2 years ago
My experience with Vanuse was just…

My experience with Vanuse was just perfect. First of all Gavin is super nice even though I made a mistake in my booking, he helped me promptly even if it was late evening and adjusted my booking for the best. Kay, the driver assigned to my booking, has been very friendly (which is always a plus), helpful, fast. I didn't have any problem with this service, I absolutely recommend this company if you need to move. Maria

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Stacey 2 years ago
First time, but not the last

First time using Vanuse. Even though I needed to change times/locations it was not an issue. So refreshing to be able to get hold of someone on the telephone immediately. Gavin's customer service was exceptional, and the driver was friendly, professional, and punctual. Would highly recommend.

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Omar Al-Maqrami 2 years ago
Great service reliable and have used on…

Great service reliable and have used on several occasions

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Candice Meskin 2 years ago
Second time using Vanuse

Second time using Vanuse, this job was more complex than the last and despite delays from my side, due to circumstances beyond my control, everything was smooth, easy and professional. Christian was the driver on both occasions and was really fantastic, helpful and pleasant. Gavin arranged everything hitches at all. Will definitely use them again.

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Mirato 3 years ago
Brilliant customer service!

I had a brilliant experience with Vanuse. Both Gavin and Adam provided us with great customer service. We were in a tough situation and needed to move extra stock from the excel centre after an expo. Had it not been for Vanuse we would still be stuck there. Gavin from Vanuse was brilliant and he assisted us to find a driver within 10 minutes. The driver Adam arrived shortly after and helped us fill the van. He was a very friendly and exceptionally helpful person. Genuinely a fantastic guy! Thank you Vanuse for providing us with such a great service!

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Peter Butchers 3 years ago
First experience, a great choice

Never used Vanuse before but would definitely use it again. prompt, helpful and professional. An excellent service, great communication and the driver couldn't have been more helpful.

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Jonny Gardner 3 years ago
VERY rude and unprofessional.

Rude, rude and ruder. One of the 2 guys was irritated from the moment he walked in the door and let out a huge sigh - because the load was bigger than expected. Rather than contacting his manager for advice on how to proceed - as he had several other moves that day - he proceeded to vent his frustrations at us, the paying customers as though we organise his schedule? Also, he was incredibly rude to me, speaking to me like his child when it was my apartment and my furnishings he was moving. At one point whilst I was speaking to my mother, he said “what did you say?” and I told him that I was speaking to her and not him and yet he continue fishing for an argument and repeating his question, so again I had to defuse an argument with the person who we paid over £100 for a service which was shockingly poor.They also stepped and broke one of my storage units and the one with the attitude blamed it on us, despite him constantly changing his mind on what items he would load, wasting more and more time - which he was so keen to point out when he arrived as though we wouldn’t pay hem for the hours worked, which my mum found very offensive.To top it off they didn’t even complete the job. They cut it in half and offered to do the rest the next day. I found another company who will be completing the move tomorrow - and for less money.To close as well - it’s my mum’s birthday and we’ve spent most of the day arguing back and forth with Vanuse and amongst ourselves. Day ruined. AVOID like the plague. Unprofessional.

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L Warren 3 years ago
Great experience with Vanuse

I had a great experience with this company. Was initially a little hesitant to commit to the payment for a van over the app as had never used the service before. After posting the delivery details 2 hours in advance I received immediate confirmation of a named driver that would meet me at the location at a specific time. Received a confirmation message from Gavin from Vanuse to confirm the arrangements. Driver arrived exactly on time and allowed me to travel with the item to the drop off point. Really impressed overall and will definitely use again.

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