A Guide On What Not To Do When Moving House

When you are moving house, it is always advisable to do everything you can to make the entire moving process as easy and affordable as possible. Moreover, there are several things you must always remember NOT TO DO to ensure a better moving experience.

To make sure you do not end up doing these things, we’ve decided to compile them for you. Check them out below!

Things You Should Not Do When Moving House

Here are some things you should remember to avoid doing while moving house:

Moving House Without A Plan

One thing you must never do is relocate to a new house without a solid plan. This can easily lead to chaos and added stress on an already stressful day. Make sure you have a timeline of what needs to be done and when and a list of everyone who will be helping you out on moving day. Not only will this help keep everything organized, but it will also ensure that nothing is forgotten in the frenzy of the move.

Consider using a moving house checklist to ensure you do not forget anything. A moving house checklist will often include a list of items to pack, items to leave behind (if you are downsizing), and an extensive list of things that need to be done in the weeks leading up to your move. This will include having a garage sale or donating unwanted furniture; cleaning out all cupboards; getting rid of old papers, files and other records; sorting through clothes, shoes and linens; and cleaning the home from top to bottom.

Planning A House Move Without Getting Proper Insurance Coverage

It is crucial to take out insurance coverage before moving house as this will protect your belongings against any damages that may occur during the move. The last thing you want, after all, is for your belongings to get damaged without any financial protection.

Packing Too Much Or Too Little

Another thing you want to avoid is packing too much or too little. If you pack too much, you will undoubtedly end up with a lot of excess baggage that will cost extra money to move and could slow you down on moving day. On the other hand, if you don’t pack enough, you may find yourself without some of your most essentials on moving day.

To make sure you pack the right amount, try packing a box or two per room and then go back through your list of belongings to see what else you will need. Remember that you can always get more boxes if needed, but it is much harder to get rid of them once they are packed!

Starting The Packing Process Too Late

Be sure to start packing at least a few days before moving day. This way, you will have time to get rid of anything that is no longer needed and prepare things for your move in a timely manner.

This will also prevent you from stressing about having too little time to pack everything up.

Not Labelling Boxes Properly

When packing your boxes, be sure to label them properly. This will not only help you keep track of what is in each box, but it will also make it easier for the movers to put them in the correct place when they arrive at your new home. The last thing you want is your belongings to get mixed up or lost.

Moving House Without A Budget

Similarly, it is vital to prepare a moving budget before relocating as this can help prevent stressing out when unexpected expenses arise. So, make sure to factor in the cost of boxes, packing materials, hiring a moving company or van, and any other expenses that may come up.

Moreover, you will want to set aside an amount for possible surprise expenses, so you don’t find yourself strapped for cash on moving day. Here are some tips on How To Save Money On Your Move.

Insisting On DIY When You Need All The Help You Can Get

Another thing you should never do is move all your belongings yourself when hiring professional movers, or a moving company would be much more beneficial. As such, it’s best to hire professionals to move house.

These removal companies have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills to do it right, so you will certainly want their assistance in making your move go as smoothly as possible! Moreover, they can also help lift heavy objects that may be difficult for you to carry on your own.

Hiring The First Movers Your Find

Whether you are hiring a removal company or a man with a van, it is essential to do your research before selecting a mover. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible service for your money.

Moreover, by hiring a reputable and reliable mover, you will have one less thing to worry about on moving day. So, take the time to read reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations.

Moving House Without A Proper Packing System In Place

Another thing you want to avoid when moving house is not having a proper packing system in place. This can lead you to waste time searching through all of your belongings and even cause confusion on moving day because everything will be packed together instead of being arranged by room or category.

To avoid this, make sure to pack each room separately and use different types of packing materials for fragile and non-fragile items. You can also use colour coding to help keep track of everything.

Moving Without Decluttering

When moving house, it is vital to declutter your belongings in order to transport everything easily and for free. This means that you will need to get rid of anything that you don’t want or use anymore, so you can keep only the items that are necessary. This process will make packing up much easier and allow movers working on your behalf to move everything more quickly and efficiently.

To make the decluttering process easier, try sorting your belongings into five categories: keep, donate, sell, recycle, or trash. This will help you to make decisions quicker and easier!

Relocating Without An Essentials Bag or Box

Another mistake people often make when moving house is not packing an essentials bag or box. This means that you will not have access to your most important items on moving day, which can be very inconvenient.

So, make sure to pack a bag or box with all of your essential items, such as toiletries, clothes, medications, and important documents. This way, you can access them even if your boxes and bags are packed away.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what not to do when moving house, make sure to avoid these mistakes. This will help your move go as smoothly as possible! Meanwhile, if you are still on the hunt for a man and van to help you out with the move, do check out WhatManAndVan’s partner service providers all over the UK!

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